Sana Khan to Play as Silk Smitha in Malayalam movie Profile

It has finally been made official that Sana Khan will play the role of the erstwhile Southern  Silk Smitha in the upcoming Malayalam movie Profile. This film will be an autonomous version of the blockbuster Hindi movie The Dirty Picture where Vidya Balan brought the central character to life to much critical acclaim and extreme public praise. In an interesting move, the script is being penned by none other than Antony Eastman who kickstarted Smitha’s career in Malayali movies through the film Enayae Theadi. The Malayalis had good reason to feel aggravated as The Dirty Picture was simultaneously released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu while Malayali was left out. Their long wait would now soon be over as they will get to see the ups and downs, the lifelong struggle, the fame and the glory, and the notorieties of Smitha’s life on silver screen. This movie is being filmed by Anil and it remains to be seen whether it can emulate the success of its Bollywood predecessor. There is much hope and pressure resting on the model-turned-actress’ slender shoulders. Let’s hope that Sana is able to live up to the expectations and deliver her best shot for this movie.

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