Asianet Movies Channel to Ensure 24 Hour Movies for Malayalees

It is good news for Malayalees that Star TV will launch Asianet Movies soon. Initially it has been decided that Asianet Movies will be started officially on 15th July this year. A spokesperson of Star TV has told reporters that Asianet must be the fifth channel in line. At present there are popular channels like Asianet Plus, Asianet News and Asianet Middle East.

Earlier, for Malayalees, there was only one television channel for viewers. Later total 17 channels were gifted to Malayalees. Out of 17, few channels telecast news and commercial shows. However, right now, higher authority of Star TV has claimed that Asianet Movies is the only movie channel which will give entertainment to only Malayalees with round the clock. So youngsters and oldies must enjoy overnight by watching different attractive entertainment shows. In another statement, another official spokesperson has admitted that earlier the management of Star TV decided to launch Asianet Chiri for providing good comical stuff for Malayalees. However, the plan was cancelled.

Asianet Movies television channel will telecast movies of different versions. It is an excellent chance for movie lovers and talented artists to watch classic movies. They will also be able to watch commercial romantic movies of Bollywood and Hollywood as well.

However, apart from Asianet Movies, there will be few more television channels for Malayalees. For instance Media One TV, and Janapriya TV channels will be launched. Malayalees will be happy to spend their weekends and vacation by watching their favourite movies on Asianet.

Last but not the least; Asianet is the paid channel which will be activated to telecast wonderful movies on 24×7 basis. In this connection, a team of specially trained experts have been empowered to check the workstation and signals before its introduction to people. In 2011, Reporter TV and Mazhavil Manorama television channels were added to the list of private channels for Malayalees. 2012 will also give some more entertainment channels for teens.

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