Billa 2 Tamil Movie Review

The movie Billa 2 is finally available on the silver screen. The excitement of the fans is palpable and the huge foot fall at the multiplexes is the ode to the immense hype that the promos have created for the flick. ‘Billa 2’ is not a sequel but a prequel of the super hit movie ‘Billa’ that released in the year 2007. The million dollar question is how the movie turned out to be? Is it worth a watch? Well it certainly is, but partially.

Ajith acted under the direction of Vishnuvardan in ‘Billa’. In the flick ‘Billa 2’ the helm of direction is taken up by none other than Chakri Toleti. ‘Billa 2’ narrates the interesting story of a common young man by the name of ‘David Billa’ who goes on to become a dreaded war lord. The story beautifully uncovers the reasons for which David Billa became a criminal.

The female lead roles in the movie are played by Bruna Abdullah and Pravathy Omnakuttan. They are the eye candies but didn’t have much of a role to perform. Vidyuth Jamwal and Sudhanshu Pandey plays the role of the villain in the film. Yuvan Shankar has composed the music for the film. Though the songs are a letdown, the back ground music composition was good.

The story line is weak and sometimes it becomes too stretched. It is the performance of Ajith that holds the story together and it is the biggest strength of the movie. The movie is a delight for the Ajith fans. The hero has lived up to his performance in ‘Billa’.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Verdict: If you are desperate for entertainment then you can turn to this movie. Okay for a single watch. It is a must watch for the fans of Ajith.

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