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Upendra - God Father kannada movie review |
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God Father kannada movie review

‘God Father’ is the remake of original Tamil movie entitled Varalaaru. In this movie, viewers will find Upendra to play triple roles in this Kannada remake version. In Varalaaru, Ajith was responsible to perform triple roles to make movie more interesting.

The whole movie suffers from emotional fixations.  In this remake version, Shiva has been entrusted to play the protagonist character of God Father. He is a supremo to operate the city. He has twin sons who are obedient to their parents. God Father has an interesting background. Actually he performed as a dancer to entertain people. God Father has a feminine character. He behaves like a female. It is very surprising and interesting to watch him. When he danced in a show in the rural place, he met Sujatha who watched a recorded video of his dance program. She started loving him.

On wedding ceremony, Sujatha entered straight into the marriage hall to declare her love affair. God Father couldn’t control himself and raped her in his private room. This type of forceful seduction produced two sons who are identical. These twin children are named Vijay and Ajay. Here, another surprise is waiting. Vijay played by Upendra has the fixation for his dad. God Father also pampers Vijay for his deep veneration and love for God Father. On the other hand, Ajay is on the opposite pole. He loves his mother. He never accepts Vijay. He tries to terminate Vijay for good. When situation is out of control, God Father appears just like mythological god Shiva to burn everything alive through his third eye. God Father’s role is peculiar but full of adventure and thrills. Movie lovers will enjoy watching God Father.

The suspense is still hovering in the movie. God Father left for heaven after being shot by a revolver. There is nothing clear about the reason of knocking him down on the ground. Ajay is a victim to situation. He suffers from illness due to frustration and failure. He has confessed that he has ill intention to kill God Father. The whole movie is ridden with thrills, adventure, romance, betray and bloodshed melee.

S Sriram is the director who has proved his proficiency in directing movie using his innovative technical craftsmanship. Though he is a director, he is very much experienced to operate the camera for catching wonderful pictures. So he is a good cinematographer. Upendra is always famous for his razor sharp acting. He has played triple roles whereas
Catherine performed the character of mother to Vijay in God Father. Those who have not watched the original Tamil movie can’t understand the hidden secret in this movie. Upendra is the God Father Shiva. He is also Vijay and Ajay. So, how difficult it is to perform different roles in the same movie. However, Upendra has proved that he is a versatile actor. He has learnt classic dances like Bharathanatyam.

Soundaraya Shreyasi’s presence is magnificent in this movie. Her mind blowing smiles and rhythmic walking styles are superb. However, the cameraman, choreographer and other associates have done good jobs. They have put 100 percent effort to make the movie successful. As a supporting character, the role of Ramesh Bhat is to the point and remarkable. His contribution must be honored.

Verdict: God Father will be a favorite movie for those who love their parents. This movie has given a space for young actors and actresses to show their caliber. Sweet songs will attract music lovers to watch this movie. AR Rahman has well taken care of the music composition.

Rating :3.25/5

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