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Modhala Minchu kannada movie review |
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Modhala Minchu kannada movie review

Modhala Minchu is the movie which has been directed by Wesley Brown. For Heaven’s shake! Please stop giving false presentation and fake identification. You can start in this way blaming the director. Wesley is a guy who has taken care of several portfolio as story writer, producer, dialogue creator, cameraman, cinematographer and screenplay writer. However, ultimately, this gentleman is not well acquainted with the move directing. The final outcome of this movie is very pathetic.

In the story, two lovers have to face lot of hardships and troubles due to their abrupt decision and whimsical mindsets to plunge into darkness unknowingly. The story begins at a snail’s pace. In a rural area, a servant played by Doddanna lives. His name is Ravi. He looks innocent and harmless. He has married Mala who lives in the same village. Now, the breakthrough takes place with the coming of Divya played by Supritha. She is a student in medicine. She has a prior engagement with Rakesh who is a businessman. However, a problem starts when she dreams of Ravi. She has met him. On the other hand, Rakesh’s attitude is not preferred by Divya. He is arrogant and boastful. Ravi likes her. Both have fallen in love. Now Rakesh tries to take revenge. In this way, the movie ends up.

This movie will not bring success due to artistic lackluster, poor cinematography, substandard presentation of dialogues, and to top it all abrupt switchover in distorting the flow of the movie. Supritha is beautiful and sexy. However she is not much more to make the movie more presentable. Wesley should learn how to move camera before shooting the movie. Abhi is the debutant in this movie but he has a lack of skill and experience.

Verdict: The overall performance of the director is very bad. The pitiable condition of total team is prominent. Technical portion is not high water mark. This movie will not be popular after hitting the box office.

Rating: 1.75/5

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