Naan Ee Tamil Movie Review

If you believe in rebirth or incarnation, you must lay aside couple of hours to watch the popular movie entitled ‘Naan Ee’. The movie is all about a young person who was murdered long way back. However, his soul has returned to take revenge. It is a bloodshed movie. However, the specialty of this commercial gory film lies in the presentation of episodes on multimedia format. You will have the chance to see computerized graphs, snapshots and images on digital format.

The dash of colors in this movie is remarkable and cinematographic quality is excellent. The upcoming movie will attract young teens who like computers to play videos and watch movies online. S Rajamouli is the director who has showed his talent and accuracy in shooting the movie using the most advanced technology. In this brilliant movie, you will come into contact with many actors and actresses like Nani, Sudeep, Samantha plus Santhanam. Viewers will be hovering in a hi-tech society to have the spicy experiences about love, spiritual upgradation, celestial bodies, and unnatural elements. Maybe, it will be one of the movies based on spirits, incarnation, religious dogmas and science fiction. To be frank, you will get new ingredients in this movie. Mohan’s attractive dialogues and the presence of a bevy of cute female images must wipe out stress and loneliness of a movie lover.

The director has perfectly used the interactive technology to take the movie to a different place. You will find how fantastically the cinematographer has used the digital cams to capture the romantic moments. It is the movie which gives wide scope to newcomers to keep in touch with the ultra-modern digital technology to increase the aesthetic appeal of the movie.

Verdict: Naan Ee movie is good and its visual presentation is ok. There is a perfect blend of fiction and reality. It will entertain teens who are science conscious. Romantic lovers will also find good dishes to enjoy V-Day.
Rating: 3.5/5

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