Nayan to Be Seen as Director to Shoot Next Movies

Till now, Nayanthara has received caustic remarks, feedbacks and ultra-light gossips revolving her private affairs. Detachment from her lover is an incident which can not be wiped out immediately.

At the same time, her comeback to the silver screen industry is a milestone for directors and producers for utilizing her artistic sensibilities, physical elegance and acting caliber which are sumptuous assets of this actress.

On the other hand, it has been spreading like a ball of fire that this sexy actress is preparing surreptitiously to direct upcoming movies. It is an excellent decision.

She is a maverick actress with vast experiences in the sphere of acting for a long time. Undoubtedly, she will put 100 percent personal effort to direct movies. Right now this sexy actress is playing in Vishnu Vardhan’s movie which will be completed in Tamil version. She is taking a short term brush-up training from the director.

In this Tamil movie, hero will be Ajith whose daring personality and dashing personality must bring smiles back to million teenage girls who like to watch their favorite hero acting in a care free manner. Aiya and Tapasee are other faces which will be found in acting with Nayan. In a press release, the director appreciates the Nayan’s analytical skill, close observation, and meticulous analysis for the sake of proper characterization.

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