Rumors mentioning that Prithviraj and Asif ali are enemies

Recently, rumors are hovering in the sky that Prithviraj and Asif Ali have become hardcore enemies. They are at daggers’ points for a caustic showdown. Asif Ali has denied all sorts of allegations which have been fabricated to dampen peace in his personal life.

In an interview session, this celebrity has claimed that it doesn’t matter who the rascal is. It never becomes a nightmare for an honest guy to be infected by rumors and fake presentation of incidents in an awkward manner. Whatever it may be, one thing is extremely clear that Asif will not give undue indulgence to injustice, false identification and fictitious facts. They are good friends.

After watching a piece of snapshot in a social networking site, he has lambasted media associates for portraying him as the robust idiot to kick Prithviraj in anger. His appearance in this screenshot is quite unusual. It is not fitted to a gentleman. He further added to medias that ” Prithviraj is the one of the top star in malayalam industry and i am in this field just for last 2 years learning the  basics. So there is no need of comparison between me and prithvi “

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