2011 movie Muni 2: Kanchana to be released in 3D

Then 2011 Tamil movie Kanchana was indeed unique. Most ghost stories seldom have an element of humor in it . Kanchana breached that barrier and presented itself in such a way that it became a complete family entertainer.

Well the good news is the movie is now going to be released in 3D. Kanchana was directed by Raghava Lawrence. It was a sequel to his earlier movie Muni, which as released in 2007. That the 3D version is indeed coming has been confirmed by producer, Bellamkonda Suresh. He said, “The conversion process started a couple of days back and it is a bit tedious. The team is confident of converting the whole move into 3-D in six months.” The highlight of the 3D version is said to be a special item song by Lawrence and Lakshmi Rai. Lakshmi played the role of Priya, in the 2D version .She was the love interest of Lawrence in the movie.

Raghava was superb in his role, as was Sarath Kumar as the transgender women. The action scenes would indeed be a treat to watch in 3D. Hope it turns out to be as successful as the 2D version.

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