Neerkumizhi to be remade

Remakes are nothing new in the film industries of today’s times. Everybody is taking to remakes these days. Mostly this is looked down upon with scorn and disapproval. However, one forgets that this also the way in which films of the olden days can be refreshed and also presented to the newer generations who would not spend time watching the original version of the film.

Recent news is that the all-time classic Neerkumizhi, directed by veteran K. Balachander has chances of being remade. Comedian Vivek will most probably step into the shoes of the late legendary comedian Nagesh. Vivek has a good reputation in the industry for his innate acting skills.

Neerkumizhi had released in 1965. It starred many veterans and senior-artistes like Muthuraman. The songs of this film were also huge hits and are fondly remembered now: Aadi Adangum Vaazkaiyada was rendered by the soulful voice of ‘Seergazhi’ Govindarajan.

This remake will probably be directed by Silva-who is a pupil of Balachander- has already directed a remake of Balachander’s original- Naan Avan Illai. Thus one can expect him to deliver this time around as well.

Thus Selva shedding more light upon the progress of the film said in an interview “We are in the process of securing the remake rights of the film. As and when we do so, a formal announcement would be made. As of now, I can only say that Vivek would be playing Nagesh’s role.”

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