Dillep and Mammootty to act together in Kammath & Kammath

Mammootty and Dileep are coming together for the movie Kammath & Kammath . The clash of dates of the two megastars was leading to the movie been re-scheduled every time. But now it has come to the note that Dileep will be free by January to be a part of this epic movie.

The director of the movie is Thomson K Thomas. Thomson has recently had success with the movie ‘Karayasthan’. The 2010 comedy movies indeed became very popular. It’s likely that he is going to repeat that success with this movie. Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishna are going to be his scriptwriter once again . The two became hugely popular after host of successful movie like ,Mattuppetti Machan (1998), Udayapuram Sulthan (1999), Dhosth (2001), C.I.D. Moosa(2003), Runway (2004), Thuruppu Gulan (2005), Twenty:20 (2008), Pokkiri Raja (2010), andChristian Brothers (2011).

Mammootty and Dileep are going to play brothers in the movie. Supposedly they would be speaking in the Kasaragod slang. The movie is being produced by Subair .The title of the movie itself suggest that it’s going to be a brotherly comedy drama. Incidentally Dileep has never missed a chance of becoming a part of a Mammootty movie. Hopefully this time also he won’t disappoint.

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