Kearala Theatre strike from November 2

The different film organizations in Kerala have decided to close up all the theatres from 2nd of November straight on. This strike is being held in support of the Rs 5 price hike in the service charges.

Mollywood Films are doing really well at this time. They are being accepted by the critics and the audiences alike. A strike around this time in the industry could prove to be a set-back. The businesses of Malayalam cinema will remain at a standstill if not the demands for a hike are accepted. The service charges are to be increased from Rs. 2 to Rs. 7. Films shootings will be closed up. Screenings all throughout the state will also remain shut down.

The distributors association and the film-producers association will also join the strike in its support. They are planning to share the excess that will be got from the price hike, with Rs. 2 going to them and the remaining Rs. 3 going to the theatres.

State Minister and actor K B Ganesh Kumar has lashed out against the proposed price hike. He suspects this to be schemed by a group who are against his recent changes that included a computerised ticketing method and the gradation of theatres according to the facilities provided.

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