Kingkhan to celebrate his 21st wedding anniversary

Bollywood super hero Shahrukh is getting ready to celebrate his 21st wedding anniversary with his life partner Gauri khan on 25th of October 2012.Shahrukh khan and gauri khan became life partners on 25th October 1991 and now that love bond crossed more than two decades.
King khan married Gauri at the age of 21,sharukh was nothing at that time but after their marriage he worked very hardly to create his own identity and this hard work brought him the honour ‘king’ before his name.His love story with Gauri seems like a movie story but it’s a real fact that reveals “ True love never fails”.Gauri’s parents were against this marriage as sharukh was from a different religion but to make gauri’s parents feel like he is a Hindu boy he even changed his name to Abhinav and later told the truth to her parents and convinced them .
Few days ago Gauri Khan in an interview with a top rated magazine said,”Shahrukh is her real inspiration and he is the man who made her passion of interior designing accomplished.
We the cinespot team wishes Shahrukh and Gauri a very happy wedding anniversary

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