Lakshmi denies reports that she is interested only in Kannada movies

Actress Lakshmi Rai has denied reports that she wants to act only in Kannada movies. The actress is originally from Karnataka, where she was born in Bangalore on 5th May 1989. She was brought up in Belgaum. Some tabloids reported that she more interested in doing films in her mother tongue and would be satisfied enough if fans in Karnataka alone liked her films.

Denying it Lakshmi said, “How can I say so? As an actress, I treat audience from all the States equal and there is no preference in that. I have been misquoted.”

Her Telugu film ‘Rebel’ has been declared a hit. She is also happy with the response to her recently released film, ‘Thaandavam’.

Lakshmi has also signed a new movie in Tollywood. The director of the movie is Kodi Ramakrishna. Speaking on the director and his brand of movies Lakshmi said, “I feel I am very lucky to have bagged this role. Kodi is a fantastic director to work with. His films are always heroine-centric. It is very rare for an actress to get such a performance-oriented role. I will have more scope to exhibit my acting prowess in this film.”

Meanwhile Lakshmi is also busy due to her sister’s wedding.

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