Maatran tamil movie review

Cast- Suriya, Kajal Agarwal, Isha Sharvani, Sachin Khedekar

Director- KV Anand

Producer- Kalpathi S Aghoram

Banner- AGS Agoram Entertainment

Music Director- Harris Jayaraj

The single release of this week has been “Maatran”. The film has released worldwide in two languages Tamil and Telugu.


Ramachandra, played by Sachin Khedekar is a genetic scientist who is the father of conjoined twins named Akhilan and Vimalan. The role of the conjoined twins is played by Suriya. Ramachandra after struggling for long discovers baby milk powder and names it Energion.

The two twins are shown to have different characteristics. Akhilan is extrovert and witty, on the other hand Vimalan is composed and intellectual. The role of Anjali, who is a Russian translator, is played by Kajal Aggarwal. The twins develop an inclination towards her.

As the story progresses Vimalan gets to know that Energion has been adulterated by some harmful ingredients. This revelation costs him his life. The remaining story involves Akhilan’s efforts to know the truth behind all the happenings.


Suriya is a sought-after actor. He is known for his power-packed performance and yet again delivers in this film. He fully utilised the opportunity of playing the twins with contrasted characteristics to prove his versatility.

Kajal Agarwal does not have a meaty role in the film. However, she plays her part with integrity.

Sachin Khedekar has a pivotal role and he performed it with full honesty.

Isha Shervani has a dance number in the film that will surely pull the masses to the theatres.

Technical Analysis:

The scriptwriters KV Anand and Subha have done a fabulous job yet again. However, the second half of the film is a tad bit slow. K.V Anand’s direction too has been controlled and well-ordered.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is average and sounds very similar to his previous renderings. Cinematographer S. Sounder Rajan has done a seamless job with his camera.


Maatran is an out-and-out entertainer with a tinge of action and comedy to cater to all kinds of the audience.


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