Meghnaraj to play a mentally ill patient in her next movie

Meghnaraj will play the role of a mentally challenged person in her next movie ‘Up and down’. The movie is being directed by T K. Rajeevkumar . The other lead artists in the movie arte Indrajith and Prathap .

Kochu Preman, Ganesh Kumar, Ramya Nambeeshan and Nandhu are also included in the cast. The music diercrtot of the movie is M Jayachandran. The dialogues of the movie have been written by noted journalist Indhugopan .

Meghna has recently lost 7 kg, and is looking quite stunning. She decided to go on diet after she was rejected in many Kannada movies for being fat. Two of her movies ‘Banking Hours, 10-4’ and Manthrikan would be releasing this week.

She has also completed the shooting of Malayalam movie Mad Dad. She would be back to her glamour role in the movie Lucky. Her major hit in 2012 has been the movie Namukku Parkkan , which released on 29th June. However her next film Mullamottum Munthiricharum , was a dud at the box office. Her other films like Nimirndhu Nil, Madirashi,Poppins are in the filming stage. Her many project for various south Indian movies are keeping her quite busy at the moment.

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