Mohanlal to star in Hollywood movie titled “Billion Dollar Raja”

Southern star Mohanlal has accepted a Hollywood offer to star in a film named “Billion Dollar Raja”. The film is a drama based on the investigative financial mafia. It draws its inspiration from a true story based on the Galleon Group founded by Mr. Raj Rajaratnam and his vast network of the Wall Street big shots. Insiders of the corporate world, the employees, a trial team that is determined to punish those who are involved in this complex trading case is the backdrop of this film. This trading case has been the most complex in history.

Mohanlal has been approached to play the role of Rajaratnam in this film. The film “Billion Dolllar Raja” has approached Nayan Padrai for writing and directing it. The film will have Sheetal Vyas as its producer.

This film will shed light upon the fascinating network of relationships that are developed by the billionaire as a scheme to trade the secret information gathered from his vast network of corporate big shots. The Government found Mr. Rajaratnam guilty of securities fraud and conspiracies and sentenced him for 11 years in the federal prison.

Also another person who was involved in this case was Ms. Danielle Chiesi who is an ex-beauty queen who turned stock trader.

The director was quoted as saying while describing his film ““The elements of this case are irresistible with a mafia-style operation in the shady underbelly of Wall Street offices, filled with prosecutors, wiretaps, tipsters, a moll, sexual encounters, unapologetic greed, major corporations and the billionaire king of the markets, Raja,” .

This film will go on the floors next year during fall. The actor who will play the pivotal role of Danielle Chiesi has still not been decided. This film surely has a strong and interesting subject that will pull the crowds.

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