Poorna denies romancing Hemanth

There were rumors that the Chattakari pair of Poorna and her co-star in the movie, Hemanth Menon, is dating each other. However the actress has strongly denied .She said, “I have worked with him in Chattakari and he is a good friend and colleague. There is nothing beyond this between me and him.”

Poorna’s real name is Shamna Kasim . She is a Muslim. There were also media reports that she might convert to Hinduism, so that she can marry Hemanth. To that Poorna got really angry and rubbished the claims saying, “I don’t know from where such baseless rumors crop up.”

Maybe these ideas came from the movie that they worked together. The movie was made about the taboos prevalent in the society in Kerala. It was a remake of a 1974 movie. It dealt with the stigmas of premarital pregnancy, inter-caste marriage and the condition of Anglo-Indians in Kerala.

Poorna become famous with Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu , where she was the female lead .However she had started her career as a classical dancer and participated in the reality dance show Super Dancer on Amrita TV.

Currently she is working in a number of Tamil movie , such as Kulai Thozhil , Mei Azhagi , Vesham , Naran and Telugu movie Radhikan Ganda.

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