Salman turns advisor for YRF!

Salman and Yash Raj productions had never worked before the film “Ek Tha Tiger”. Ek Tha Tiger has been the highest grosser of the year. The film crossed the 150 crore mark and raked in moolahs worth 180 crore.

There are side-effects to every partnership and here comes the latest on this. Salman has advised Yash Raj Films to hire Sudesh Naag’s – his make-up man- security agency to provide the stars with protection inside the Andheri- based studio. Salman Khan is known to come to the help of the people who are in his good books and Sudesh is definitely one such person.

Ronit Roy’s security agency had been till now providing protection to all the actors the film production house would work with. It was also in the news earlier that the studio had to tweak some of their rules to fit in Salman’s demands and now this.

The source states, “A call from Salman went to YRF and they immediately took his advice. However, they have not terminated Ronit’s contract and the work will be equally divided between the two companies.” The official spokesperson of YRF has stated, “We work with both the agencies for our multiple projects.”

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