Edegaarike kannada movie review

Edegaarike is a movie based on another movie of the same name that came out in the 90’s. Directed by Sumana Kitthur, the story casts Adhitya, Akanksha, Atul Kulkarni and many others. The music has been given by Sadhu Kokila and it has been produced by MS Ravindra and Syed Aman Bachchan. Rakesh B has done the camera of the movie.

The story tells us about the life and days of Agni Shridhar who was an editor and writer of a particular tabloid. The story of the film has proven the fact that how much of the people are seriously interested to know about a Don’s life. It is interesting to know that people who watch film as a source of entertainment will not prefer to watch this film in the theatres. The entire film has a somber serious look, which becomes difficult to bear towards the end. The film has tried to portray that in spite of being a don, a man can be innocent in media’s eyes.

The film has no modes of providing entertainment to the audience and this has led to very few viewers of the film. The director has mixed up the values of love and crime on the screen and this does not create a very good effect here. The film would be more suitable as a short film, because it lacks most elements that would have made it a commercial film.

On the point of view of performance, Atul Kulkarni has done extremely well as the protagonist. Adhitya has however been quite rigid throughout the movie and has created a negative response from the audience. Other actors have scored an average with their respective performance.

The camera work is worth praising, and so is the music.

Verdict: Just an Average movie

Rating: 2.25/5

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