Face to Face malayalam movie Review

Directed by V. M. Vinu
Produced by M. K. Nassar
Written by Manoj Payyannoor
Starring Mammootty,Roma Asrani,Ragini Dwivedi
Music by Alphonse Joseph
Cinematography Ajayan Vincent
Editing by Samjith Mohd.
Studio Good Line Productions
Distributed by Good Line Release
Release date(s) :November 30, 2012


After a series of flop movies Mega star Mamooty is back again to reload his draining image with the Movie “Face to Face” directed by “V.M vinu”. Face to Face is a malayalam mystery thriller film starring Mamooty,Roma Asrani ,Ragini Dewedi etc..
The movie is conveying the story of a police officer C.I Balachandran(Mamooty) who has several blackmark in his track record because of his high temper and harshness.The main theme of the movie is an investigation to find the culprit who murdered a strong political leader’s son and the central role C.I Balachandran will get accused for the same.The charge of encounter will be given to SP Ramdas (Siddique) and at the end Ramdas comes with a conclusion that Balachandran is the culprit .The later part of the movie deals with how Balachandran is proving his innocence and how he trap the real murderers .Till the interval everything is really thrilling and the scene just before the interval is set to make the audience charged ,Thus the first half ends with full of thrills and confusions.
But the Second half of the movie seemed to be a disappointing one because the director included some family stuffs in to the script in order to get attraction from family audience.The second half depicts many family and social issues the world is facing today but the fact is that because of all those stuffs audience may have a feel that whether the director had forgotten the main core of the movie. The same spoiled the rating earned by the first half. The only merit of second half is that it communicates several social issues that the younger generation faces today and about the climax ,it was just an average one.
While observing the movie from start to end it is just an average one which doesn’t have any new plot.The script by the new comer Manoj Payyanoor seemed to be promising in the first half but failed in the second half.Looking in to other parts of the movie like music,cinematography etc…everything except the music seemed to be fine especially the cinematography by Ajayan.
Coming to the performance side mamooty and siddique played their role very brilliantly and the four new comers Gautham, Rishikesh, Rohit and Binoy were decent but the charecters of Roma Asrani ,Ragini Dewedi doesn’t hand nothing much to do and the others were just ok.

Rating : 2.5/5

Verdict : Just an Average movie , Recommended for one time watch

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