Mohanlal to play the title role “Swaminathan” in Sibimalayil’s new movie

South Indian superstar Mohanlal to play the tiltle role in the movie “Swaminathan” directed by the super director Sibimalayil.The movie is announced to be produced by the famous singer and music director Shri.M.G.Sreekumar.Through this project LAl –Sibi team is rejoining again after a long break .The movies like Unnam,Violin which was recently directed by Sibi failed to capture the minds of the audience .
This is the second movie that MR.M.G.Sreekumar is producing after “Ardhanari”directed by Santosh Souparnika.Sibimalayil addressed the press a week ago announcing his new project and made a statement that “It will be his return to capture back his brand name as a super director”.

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