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Fahad Fazil to be seen in “Olipporu”

Stunning actor Fahad Fazil will now be seen in upcoming movie called Olipporu. In this recent movie fahad will be seen doing a double role. The story is about a man who manages to disappear from a particular blog in the recent cyber era. The screenplay of the movie is going to be done by Gopikrishnan. The director of this film will be A.V. Sasidharan. This movie is goung to be procued by RoundUp Cinemas. This is not a known production house. They are a group of film lovers who are located in Trissur. Earlier the director, Sasidharan has made and directed many great documentaries. Some of them are Abhinetri, Jalathil Malsyam Pole.

There are many others who are going to be seen along with Fahad in this movie. They are, Kalabhavan Mani, Sareena Vhab, Thailaivasal Vijay, as well as Siddharth Brasan. Manoj Mundayattu is going to do the cinematography of the movie. The music composer of this movie is John A.P. Varkky. The film is going to see a lot o use of music as well as poems. There are many great poems used in the movie like that of, Sri Narayana Guru, K.G. Shankarapilla, Pablo Nerula and many more.

Theevram malayalam movie review

After ‘Second Show’ and ‘Ustad Hotel’, both of which were hits on screen, the hot actor Dulqar Salman has chosen to be experimental in his upcoming movie Theevram. The story is one which revolves around revenge. There is a big change in the narrative style of the story. It will hook the interest of the audience immediately. It engages their interest right from the time of its commencement. Dulqar plays the role of an ambitious young music director, Harshavardhan. He is a very lonely person and takes piano lessons to earn his living. However, deep within he is hatching a plan to seek revenge from someone who has tremendous damage to his life.

To bring his plans to action he kidnaps an auto driver and keeps him in the building cellar. He makes his condition miserable giving him pain little after little. The entire story revolves around the basic question-what is the reason for his actions?

The movie has been directed by the newcomer Roopesh Peethambaran. He has managed to create an ambience of suspense all throughout the movie. However, as the movie progresses it seems to be too lengthy and tests the patience of the audience. There are hardly any punchlines or effective shots of the hero of the movie. The story was effective enough. However, the screenplay ruins it all very slowly. Latter shots are extremely ill-handled, and they come out very poor on the screen.

Dalqar however has shown commendable performance with excellent emotional use in the scene. Audience will be impressed whatsoever. His charismatic performance will keep them engaged for a bit of the film. However the execution of the movie is bad. The acting of the new heroine Shikha Nair is not up to the mark and does not match up to the expectations.

Verdict: Potential script, but poor execution

Rating: 2.5/5

Kollywood Star Anushka in Kahaani Remake

Reports are ensuring the fact that the hot kollywood star, Anushka is going to be seen in the leading role in Kollywood’s remake of Vidya Balan’s Kahaani. This film which has not been titled as yet is going to be made in Tamil and Telugu. Although official confirmation of the news is yet to arrive, talks about this have been in the air for a long time.

The Bollywood’s Kahaani had Vidya Balan in the main role. The movie was written and directed by Sujoy Ghosh has a budget of Rs. 8 crore. The movie was a superhit and collected Rs. 100 crore from the theatres. This film saw an unexpected success, making the film a great success in the Box-Office of Bollywood. It also gave actress Vidya Balan a new exposure and her fees rose to Rs. 7 crore after the success of Kahaani.

It is being said that the known film maker of Tollywood, Sekhar Kammula, has finally decided to make this film in Tamil as well as Telegu. The film which is about a pregnant wife looking for her husband in an unknown city has bagged great appreciation when made in Hindi. Anushka bagged Vidya’s role in the film. Other cast and crew are yet to be decided.

Podaa Podi tamil movie review

Podaa Podi is the most awaited film of the year. It is being made for a long time and has finally come to the theatres a day before Diwali. The movie is a musical romance, and sees the popular STR or Simbu, pairing up with Varalakshmi Sarathkumar.

The movie is directed by Vignesh Sivan. This debutant director has chosen a somber conflict between the couple, due to their differences in perceiving matters. He boldly deals with the conflict occurring with passion and reticence. The movie is thus a fight that takes place between the choices made by the independent girl and the boy’s instincts. Sivan has put forward a comic presentation of the subject, involving many arguments. The audience is able to mark a clear distinction between the girl and the boy.

The movie in its latter part goes on to a very clichéd way. Although the heroine puts forward very strong arguments, the hero wins over her in every step. Hence, slowly, the independence of the girls falls down and it is dominated by the hero masked by the names like love, Tamil Culture and possessiveness.

Each husband has equal right to put forward his opinion on the preference of his wife, but the person should know where the ending line is. If the wife holds a stronger preference than him with which he is uncomfortable, either he should manage that way or get separated. In this movie, the hero blackmails his wife emotionally in order to get things done in his way. The hero throws chauvinistic dialogues, which are unacceptable.

All in all, the movie has failed to impress the viewers fully. The script although starts well, gets monotonous and predictable towards the end. However, Vignesh has put in certain elements like funny dialogues, birthday celebration of Arjun, which makes it a bit watchable.

Verdict: Disappointing on the whole, with loads of imbalances in ideas.

Rating: 2.25/5

Thuppaki tamil movie review

Cast- Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal and Vidyut Jamval

Director- A. R Murugadoss

Producer- Kalaipuli S. Dhanu

Music Director- Harris Jayaraj

The Tamil film to have been released this week is Thuppakki. It lies in the genre of action thriller.

When big names such as A. R Murugadoss and Vijay’s are attached to the same film then definitely it will create some stir at the box-office.

Plot- Vijay’s character is named Jagadish in this film. He portrays the role of a Defence Intelligence Agency aka DIA who is an army personnel. The film depicts his return to Mumbai on a time off. His parents are shown looking for a bride for him to settle down with. He comes across a girl named Nisha played by Kajal Aggarwal who is a boxer. The first half of the movie is very entertaining and engaging.

The film though is quite slow later, and takes a lot of time to arrive at the main plot. The main story revolves around Jagadish spoiling the plans of sequential bombing. It is shown that he along with his 11 army people slays 12 sleeper cells at 12 diverse places. The sleeper cell activities are headed by “Force” fame Vidyut Jamval. He plans to even the score by hunting down those who squashed his plans.

Technical Analysis- A.R Murugadoss has brought a fresh twist in his way of direction; however, he could have executed it better. The screenplay of the film could have been more tactful. The runtime of the film is 2 hours and 40 minutes which gets tiresome after some time.

Performance- A. R Murugadoss gives Vijay a new avatar. He performs in this role for the first time and acts brilliantly. Kajal Aggarwal looks beautiful in every frame and supports the hero of the film finely. The chemistry between the two is intense.

Final Verdict- the film is entertaining and works as a good watch for the audience.
Ratings- 3/5

Ajith Kumar plays the role of a Computer professional in a recent film by Vishnu

Rumors continue to be heard about the upcoming film of Ajith Kumar, where he is going to be seen playing the role of a computer professional. The film which is yet to be titled is going to be directed by Vishnuvardhan. The leading actress Nayanthara will also be seen alongside Ajith. Another pair will also be seen on the screen, played by the popular actors Aarya and Tapasee.

The entire crew of the filmed has camped in Mumbai in order to shoot most of the film sequences. The crew is expected to remain busy till the end of this month for the shoot of this film. This is the first time that the audience is going to see the duo, Ajith and Aarya on the silver screen together.

Ajith plays the character of a Hacker. He indulges in the work of hacking user’s accounts. Many people are of the view that this film will bear close resemblance to Mankatha in the terms of bringing success. The film also sees Rana Daggubati, the great star of Tollywood, making a guest appearance.

The music has been given by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film is going to be produced by A.M. Ratnam and has other leading stars as well.