Theevram malayalam movie review

After ‘Second Show’ and ‘Ustad Hotel’, both of which were hits on screen, the hot actor Dulqar Salman has chosen to be experimental in his upcoming movie Theevram. The story is one which revolves around revenge. There is a big change in the narrative style of the story. It will hook the interest of the audience immediately. It engages their interest right from the time of its commencement. Dulqar plays the role of an ambitious young music director, Harshavardhan. He is a very lonely person and takes piano lessons to earn his living. However, deep within he is hatching a plan to seek revenge from someone who has tremendous damage to his life.

To bring his plans to action he kidnaps an auto driver and keeps him in the building cellar. He makes his condition miserable giving him pain little after little. The entire story revolves around the basic question-what is the reason for his actions?

The movie has been directed by the newcomer Roopesh Peethambaran. He has managed to create an ambience of suspense all throughout the movie. However, as the movie progresses it seems to be too lengthy and tests the patience of the audience. There are hardly any punchlines or effective shots of the hero of the movie. The story was effective enough. However, the screenplay ruins it all very slowly. Latter shots are extremely ill-handled, and they come out very poor on the screen.

Dalqar however has shown commendable performance with excellent emotional use in the scene. Audience will be impressed whatsoever. His charismatic performance will keep them engaged for a bit of the film. However the execution of the movie is bad. The acting of the new heroine Shikha Nair is not up to the mark and does not match up to the expectations.

Verdict: Potential script, but poor execution

Rating: 2.5/5

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