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2012 December |
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Archive for December, 2012

Prithviraj and Shahrukh Khan in Farah Khan’s upcoming movie Happy New Year

The mollywood actor Prithviraj has been widely accepted after his Bollywood performance in films like Ravaan, by Mani Ratnam and Aiyyaa by Sachin Kundalkar. He has become very popular in the Bollywood industry after his works with Rani Mukherjee in Aiyyaa. In order to secure his position furthermore in Bollywood the actor is going to sign up for latest movies that are being offered to him.

Rumors are of the view that he will be seen in Farah Khan’s upcoming movie, Happy New Year. It is Farah’s dream project and will also have Shahrukh Khan along with Abishek Bachchan in the lead roles. The director cum producer has yet not revealed the heroine who will act in the film. Sources are expecting that fresh faces like Parineeti Chopra or Sonakshi Sinha might be casted in the movie. Official reports are yet to come.

So it seems that this Mollywood actor is going to make Shahrukh Khan his new friend. He has already worked with Abhishek Bachachan in Ravaan and the both are very close friends already. In his 10 year career, this mollywood superstar has been seen in no less than 73 movies. His performance has made him rise to the position of a great star in South India. He is ready for the release of his movie Celluloid that will hit the theaters in February. He is also very busy shooting for Aurangzeb, Mumbai police and Happy New Year.

This multi-starrer project is going to be a big break for the actor. He is extremely busy traveling from Kerala to Mumbai for the various shoots of different films. He is currently on a vacation in France with his wife, Supriya. The couple plans to celebrate the new year in France, after which Prithvi will return to India and resume his shoot.

Samantha in Love!

The most wanted heroine of the Tollywood film industry, Samantha has broken a piece of news to her fans. The news seemed quite heartbreaking for her fans. In a very recent press conference this beautiful diva has revealed the fact that she is in a relationship and is very happy with it. She has also said that she is very much in love with her partner, whose name she is yet to reveal. She continued to say that their relation is going very strong and that she is extremely happy.

This actress has got millions of fans running after her. Secret reports also claim the fact that there are several stars in tollywood who are in queue to date this young and sexy actress. Finally she has taken the step of revealing about her affair, although she did not mention the name or anything about this lucky man. To add on to the spice, she has also revealed that they are not going to get married very soon. This has broken the hearts of many fans.

Samantha is extremely busy with her shooting. She is all set for the release of her latest film, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. She is also doing other telugu films recently.

Bavuttiyude Naamthil malayalam movie review

The movie Bavuttiyude Naamthil, has been written by Ranjith and directed by GS Vijayan. It is a comedy movie, where Ranjith has proved himself as a promising writer once again. His natural ability to cast a spell with his words has yet again proved positive and successful for his career.

With the best comical actors in the leading roles, the movie is going to be one of the most exciting as well as enthralling ones of the year. The character of Bavutti played by Mammootty on screen was probably the best of the lot. Others like Vineeth and Kavya Madhavan have also put forward their best effort to make the audience laugh their hearts out. The storyline of the movie has simplicity attached to it to the core. But, writer Ranjith has done wonders in making this simple story watchable.

The great potential narration and the comic situations created all throughout has been portrayed marvelously by the director. The entire story revolves on the various aspects of handling a good married life, the various challenges that one has to face while he or she is married, and how one should always support and look after the other to obtain peace in the end.

The beginning of the movie till the interval has been taken up mostly by Mammooty and his brilliant comical performance. His highlighted use of slangs and great deliver of dialogues steals the show right away. The second part of the movie is comparatively serious than the first. However, Kavya’s performance on the whole is commendable. The relation showed between these two characters has been done beautifully by the scriptwriter and the director. The actors fit so well into the characters that there is no space for awkward moments throughout the movie. Built on a simple plot, the story unfolds in front of our eyes with the great editing.

Verdict: Entertaining ,Family  watch

Rating: 3.25/5

I love me malayalam movie review

The curiosity of the audience rose to new heights when it was disclosed that B. Unnikrishnan and his entire team was ready to bring out another film to their success. This venture had created many murmurs among the people, especially with a shocking title, ‘I love me’. We all love ourselves, which is what the basic nature of the human beings ought to be. Very few of us are saints who love others more than ourselves. Hence, it was very interesting to note that the director would choose such a film and exploit such a story. However, the result was not as promising as the title. B. Unnikrishnan along with his team failed to make people realize that the theme of the movie was loving oneself or something like that. Hence, this was the reason behind the failure. Although the plot of the movie started off pretty well, the team saw their first major flaw in creating proper tension during the twists in the story. The lost control of them as the movie progressed and this created complete chaos in the story. Thus, all the enthusiasm of the audience began to die down as soon as they thought something was going to happen now. The team has failed to delve deep into the story and has not managed to handle the climaxes well. The director seemed to have worked very hard in creating a story with such vigor, but all that remains is hopelessness at the end of it. Even when the movie had ended, people wonder why it was titled so. The characters of the movie did not have any feel of narcissism or anything even close to that. The characters played their roles well, but the story being the major issue it did not create a good impact.

Verdict: Below Average

Rating: 2/5

Midhunam telugu movie review

Midhunaam has created another success story in the chapter of Tanikella Bharani, who directed it. It has Lakshmi and SP Balasubramanyam as the star cast. The movie is a greatly emotional one. It has moved the audience so much that there were many people who could not control their emotions after they came out of the theatres with tears rolling down their eyes. Kudos to Bharani, who weaved a tale so powerful, that it overwhelmed almost all the people, who watched it. These actions are enough to speak about how the movie came out and what the result was.

The story of the movie goes on like this. An old couple, Buchchi and Appalaraju live in a village while their children are settled in the United States. The story revolves around their lives and how the couple tries to find happiness even at the pettiest of things, cows, a little garden etc. their cute fights and how they make up after that form a sweet little tale on how a supporting and caring partner is enough to lead a happy life. How the film ends is a must watch on the screens. It is unimaginable that Bharani would direct such an emotional tale to move to the audience. However, the lead cast Balasubramanyam and Lakshmi were outstanding in their respective roles. The efforts that they have put to create the perfection of these roles are worth commending. The scenes were so natural and well made that one does not find it difficult to associate with them. Every little aspect of the movie, the dialogues, the screenplay, the script, are worth applauding. The dialogues especially that take place between the old couple are so sweet that it fails to bore the audience even for a single minute. Although the film is based on two characters only, they have created a whole new world which is complete only with the two of them.

Verdict: Good movie , Chance to win awards . Not Recommended to all sections of audience

Rating: 3.25/5

Da Thadiya malayalam movie Review

Aashiq Abu’s latest film Da Thadiya deals with lives of the Thadiyans. The director has based the story upon the basic idea that the people of today’s world are extremely curious to know about anything that is unknown. Anything abnormal or out of the blue is seen as a source of laughter or mirth. So, the director in this movie has gone on to display that there are a lot of untold sadness and misery behind the ever smiling faces of the Thadiyans.

The script of the movie has been written by Abhilash Kumar, Dileep Nair and Shyam Pushkar. They have yet again proved their excellent and moving style of writing, just like they did with their first script Salt & pepper. The story of the movie has not been complicated much. Yet even without a twisted tale in their path the makers of the movie have brought out a film which is going to influence the audience and bring out their inner emotions.

The film sees debutant Shekhar Menon, whose performance is worth admiring. He has incorporated greater flexibility and is enough to mesmerize the audience. Other actors like Sreenath Bhasi, Ann Augustine and Nivin Pauly have also performed very well and have done justice to their respective roles. The story of the film is so strong that it is enough to put a huge impact on the audience. There were certain elements in the story like the motto of their party being ‘Prakasham Parakkatte’ is pretty interesting and keeps one attracted to the screen. Shyju Khalid is another performer whose ability to lock us up to the screens is worth mentioning. The editing of the moving is another positive part, which smoothly reveals the chapters of the film one after the other without creating any sense of confusion in the audience’s mind.

Verdict: Good as a family movie

Rating: 3.25/5

Mamtha mohandas to file Divorce

History repeats again,soon after the divorce of actress kavya madhavan one more actress who still withstand in the industry as a glorious actress is planning to get separated from her spouse.Now you all will be having an eager to know who is that heroine,Its none other than the star queen Mamtha Mohandas.She got married with Mr.prajith padhmanabhan, on Dec 28 last year.Mr prajith is a businessman from bahrin who is a child hood friend of mamtha .Their marriage decision seemed to be a sensational news at 2011 .

Yesterday while having an interview with a top rated media she responded that she is planning to get separated from her husband Prajith.She also made a statement that the decision is not a monopolistic one by herself but Prajith also have the same stand .Mamtha also stated that they both faced a situation of separation many times after their marriage but they have taken this serious decision because of some serious issues.Finally she concluded her talk by telling that she can’t any more adjust with her good bee.

One of the interesting fact regarding their marriage and separation is that ,they got engaged on 11/11/11,a fancy date and now they announced their separation also on a fancy date 12/12/12.Mamtha Mohandas has started her career in malyalam industry through the movie Lanka later she shifted from Malayalam industry to Tamil and Telugu.Now she is back in Malayalam industry with her new movie MY BOSS which is running successfully .