Bavuttiyude Naamthil malayalam movie review

The movie Bavuttiyude Naamthil, has been written by Ranjith and directed by GS Vijayan. It is a comedy movie, where Ranjith has proved himself as a promising writer once again. His natural ability to cast a spell with his words has yet again proved positive and successful for his career.

With the best comical actors in the leading roles, the movie is going to be one of the most exciting as well as enthralling ones of the year. The character of Bavutti played by Mammootty on screen was probably the best of the lot. Others like Vineeth and Kavya Madhavan have also put forward their best effort to make the audience laugh their hearts out. The storyline of the movie has simplicity attached to it to the core. But, writer Ranjith has done wonders in making this simple story watchable.

The great potential narration and the comic situations created all throughout has been portrayed marvelously by the director. The entire story revolves on the various aspects of handling a good married life, the various challenges that one has to face while he or she is married, and how one should always support and look after the other to obtain peace in the end.

The beginning of the movie till the interval has been taken up mostly by Mammooty and his brilliant comical performance. His highlighted use of slangs and great deliver of dialogues steals the show right away. The second part of the movie is comparatively serious than the first. However, Kavya’s performance on the whole is commendable. The relation showed between these two characters has been done beautifully by the scriptwriter and the director. The actors fit so well into the characters that there is no space for awkward moments throughout the movie. Built on a simple plot, the story unfolds in front of our eyes with the great editing.

Verdict: Entertaining ,Family  watch

Rating: 3.25/5

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