Midhunam telugu movie review

Midhunaam has created another success story in the chapter of Tanikella Bharani, who directed it. It has Lakshmi and SP Balasubramanyam as the star cast. The movie is a greatly emotional one. It has moved the audience so much that there were many people who could not control their emotions after they came out of the theatres with tears rolling down their eyes. Kudos to Bharani, who weaved a tale so powerful, that it overwhelmed almost all the people, who watched it. These actions are enough to speak about how the movie came out and what the result was.

The story of the movie goes on like this. An old couple, Buchchi and Appalaraju live in a village while their children are settled in the United States. The story revolves around their lives and how the couple tries to find happiness even at the pettiest of things, cows, a little garden etc. their cute fights and how they make up after that form a sweet little tale on how a supporting and caring partner is enough to lead a happy life. How the film ends is a must watch on the screens. It is unimaginable that Bharani would direct such an emotional tale to move to the audience. However, the lead cast Balasubramanyam and Lakshmi were outstanding in their respective roles. The efforts that they have put to create the perfection of these roles are worth commending. The scenes were so natural and well made that one does not find it difficult to associate with them. Every little aspect of the movie, the dialogues, the screenplay, the script, are worth applauding. The dialogues especially that take place between the old couple are so sweet that it fails to bore the audience even for a single minute. Although the film is based on two characters only, they have created a whole new world which is complete only with the two of them.

Verdict: Good movie , Chance to win awards . Not Recommended to all sections of audience

Rating: 3.25/5

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