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2013 January |
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Lokpal Malayalam Movie Review

Cast And Crew

Directed by: Joshiy

Produced by: Ruby Vijayan, S. L. Vimal Kumar

Written by: S. N. Swamy

Starring: Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan, Meera Nandan, Manoj K. Jayan, Thambi Ramaiah, Thalaivasal Vijay

Music by: Ratheesh Vegha

Cinematography: Pradeep Nair

Editing by: Syam Sasidharan

Studio: Happy & Ruby Cinemas

Distributed by: Aashirvad Release through Maaxlab.

After the record breaking hit “Run Baby Run “ Joshy –Mohanlal teams new venture Lokpal hits the silver screen today across kerala.The Movie tells the story of Nandagopal(Mohanlal) a chef who want to eliminate corruption from the society. In order to eradicate the deadly evil of corruption he starts a new website to receive complaints and the movie continues with Nandan’s fight against this anti social element.

Theaters welcomed the movie with a great rush of audience including the fans of Mohanlal.The huge success of Run Baby Run also played a part in creating such a crowd in theaters but every one who came to watch the first show of the movie got disappointed after the movie because it simply drained the image the Run Baby Run team have created.The movie can be categorized as a below average movie which is quiet disappointing . The director of the movie failed to make the audience satisfied with such a lagging script .The movie is not packed with any humerous situations and seemed to be an opposite of the joshys former release.Eventhough the movie has a large set of front caste of Malayalam industry like Manoj k Jayan,Meera nandhan,Kavya madhavan,Saikumar, shammi tilakan etc..the script doesn’t given them the opportunity to keep their level of acting.


Mohanlal – Played his character very well like in other movies and his looks in different getups was really amazing.

Joshy – tried very well to make this dragging script beautiful and failed but a question of why he had choosen such a script still remains.

Shammi Thilakan – Presented his character very nicely

Sai Kumar – He also did his role very well

Meera Nandhan:Showcased an average performance

Kavya: Just an average Perfomance

Back Ground scores really rocked the theaters.

Camera work also semmed to be well


Script: The script of the movie failed to entertain the audience.The main dilemma behind the failure of the movie is the lagging script .
Lack of Humor: The lack of humor content inside the story really bored the audience.

Climax:  The movie showcased an average predictable climax.


2/5,  Below Average, no recommendations for watch

Running time:140 minutes

Budget: 6 crores

Viswaroopam tamil movie review

Viswaroopam sees the great comeback of South Indian actor Kamal Haasan, who brings to the audience a very sensitive issue that has been inflicting upon the society for several years. Although the director turned actor had to face a lot of difficulties in his path while filming it, he has ultimately done it well. The movie sees Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Anreah Jeremiah among the leading star cast apart from Kamal Haasan. Produced by Chandra and Kamal Haasan, the film sees some awesome tracks composed by Shankar Ehasaan and Loy. It released on 25th January and saw its world premiere at Los Angeles, where the entire Viswaroopam team had been present for the first screening.

The story of Viswaroopam has touched upon a very sensitive theme. The story has been set in America, where a nuclear Oncologist Nirupama, (played by Pooja Kumar) sees a psychiatrist about her tough relationship with her husband, named Viswanath (played by Kamal Haasan). Her husband is by profession a Kathak dancer. She got married to him in order to come to USA and gear up her career. Meanwhile, after coming to USA she starts developing soft feelings for her boss. Now Omar, (played by Rahul Bose) comes into play and he is a terrorist. He has a plan to be inflicted upon USA and wants it to be successful whatsoever. The climax of the story is when the paths of Nirupama, Omar and Vishwanath cross over and in comes a host of shocking and surprising discoveries. To know the end, one has to visit the theaters to watch it.

This is the first movie so far where Kamal Haasan does not a share the majority of the screen space. He has provided ample amount of space to the other actors to bring out their talent. This small trick by the actor impressed the audience as they felt a breath of fresh air. The performance of Pooja kumar is worth mentioning. Her confidence on screen along with very good acting takes the show away. It is hard for the audience to miss her appealing nature on the screen. She might not be as glamorous as the popular actresses of today are, but however shows a very strong role and great performance in all types of modern roles. Andrea meanwhile does not have much of a screen space; however the delight of the audiences is that they get to see her and Kamal together for quite of few good scenes. It is needless to say that whatever scenes she did, it was commendable. Her towering personality sometimes dominated Kamal’s acting skills. Rahul Bose was, is and will be one of the most consistent performers ever on the screen. His role in the negative form catches most of the audience with the smoothness and flexibility like always. He did not for once overdo his role and this created a great balance on the screen. other people whose performances are worth mentioning are Shekhar Kapur and Jaideep Akhlawat.

Kamal has chosen a very strong and contradicting script for his huge project. He has touched upon one of the most sensitive topics that ail most of our contemporary society. Moreover he has attempted to portray about Jihadi that has not been attempted ever before. However, he does not show anything to instigate negative feelings about the community or for the mother land. The entire story has been extremely well-handles by Kamal. He has shown great mastery in his work, the entirety of it has been great.

Thus, all that can be said about Viswaroopam is that one must go to watch it for the appreciation of art and some great acting skills.

Rating :3/5

Verdict :Above average

Kammath and Kammath Malayalam Movie Review

Cast & Crew :

Mammootty as Raja Raja Kammath , Dileep as Deva Raja Kammath
Narain as Income Tax Officer
Karthika Nair as Surekha
Rima Kallingal as Mahalakshmi
Baburaj as Driver Gopi
Dhanush as Himself as an actor
Director : Thomson K. Thomas
Producer : Anto Joseph
Story : Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas
Music : M. Jayachandran

Malayalam film industry today screened the new multi star effect “Kammath &Kammath” around ninety six plus centers across kerala.The main attraction of the movie is the star cast itself that is mega star Mamooty and the most popular actor Dileep .The movie is directed by Thomson,the director of movie karyasthan.The hot news about the movie is that the satellite right of the same has acquired by “Mazhavil manorama “ channel for a sum of 4.95 crores.


The movie reveals the story of kammath family who are basically kongini bhramins who invaded to cochin from Goa at the time of Portuguese invasion.The main thread of the story is two brothers Rajaraja Kammath (Mammootty) and Devaraja Kammath (Dileep) who starts a small hotel inorder to save their family from some financial crisis. By this time the Dosa made in their hotel will gain popularity because of its special taste.Thus the kammath and kammath will become rich and starts hotels across kerala.

The rest part of the movie depicts some issues related to opening of a new hotel at pallakadu district.There they will meet Mahalakshmi(Rima Kallingal) & Rekha (Karthika Nair) and there continues the lead of the movie.The movie is also enriched with the guest appearance of tamil actor Dhanush as a celebrity who comes to innagurate Kammath and Kammath Restaurant


The movie comes under the category of watchable mixed with comedy and action.Kammath and kammath is a family entertainer.

Performance Ways

Mammootty: Well played his role

Dileep:Was excellent as usual

Karthika & Reema:There performance seemed to be average.

Baburaj: Outplayed his role very well like his other movies.

Naren:Average performance

Technical Side

The movie is well taken by director Thomson the cinematography and graphics used in the movie seemed to be excellent.The background music and the song “Dosa nalloru’ rocked the theaters.Climax is also interesting.


Even though the movie is packed with comedies there appeared some mismatches in the script and the movie depicted some lags in the second half. The story board failed to match the expectations of the viewers.

Rating :3/5

Veredict: Average ,Recommeded for one time watch.

Ajith’s next movie with A.R. Murgadoss: Rettai Thala

Thala Ajith, the popular South Indian hero has proved that he is a man of his words. Sources say that Vishnuvardhan had suggested initially that his ongoing directorial film as ‘Rettai Thala’. However, the actor had silently refused this offer. The actor had gone on to claim that more than the name of the film, its story as well as its script holds much more importance. The story has a definite position in the success of the film and takes up the level of standard of the actors as well. As a result, the title of the film was continuously been thought upon as there was no choice left. Sources also say there are people who have expected the title to be Valai.

However, finally after various consultations, reports have said that the final title of the film has been decided upon as Rettai Thala. It has also been proved that the actor is going to make the film in a great collaboration with A.R.Murgadoss. Official reports are yet to arrive. The actor has been earnestly requested by Murgadoss and it has been decided very well.

Thus, this film will see the great actor and Murgadoss working together after a very long time. Their fans have their best wishes with them.

David ready to be released on 1st February

David is one of the most exciting films that is all set to be released on 1st February. The film has Vikram and Jiva in the main roles. It is the directorial debut of Bejoy Nambiar. The film is going to be made in Tamil. Nambiar had been the assistant of Maniratnam, the great director. The movie has a very strong and interesting theme.

Three different men with the same name David and who stay in three different parts of the world happen to decide their fates at sudden turn of events.

The first David is 30 years old, and works under the most dreaded don Iqbal Ghani. The first part is set in London in 1975 era. He was supposed to take over after the don, but a certain event happens to change his life.

He 2nd part is set in Mumbai in 1999. This David is 19 years old and is a musician in a Christian family. His story is about how their family is forced to be a part of political issue.

The third Davis’s story is set in Goa 2010 and he is 40 years old. He is a fisherman in the village and falls for a deaf and dumb girl called Roma.

Kamal Hasan’s Vishwaroopam to premiere in US

Actor Kamal Hasan has left for United States as his latest film Vishwaroopam is going to be premiered out there. The film is going to be screened for the first time in Los Angeles and it is going to a glittery affair. The premiere is going to be pretty big and the actor cum director has also reported that this film is one of his best projects till date. This means that the fans of this actor who are present in US are also going to see the best project of their favorite star. This also means that the fans are going to watch the premiere along with their favorite star and Ulaganayagan, Pooja kumar, Shekhar Kapoor, Andrea Jeremiah and many such cast and crew members.

The screening of the film is going to take place in Tamil on 25th January. The premiere took place at Big Cinemas Fremont at 8 pm and Century Pacific Commons Cinemark at 9 pm. The cast and crew of the film, including Kamal are going to make their presence at both these shows. This means that the actor is not ready to displease any of his fans. Tickets I going to be made available online from 23rd January.

Romans malayalam movie review

Romans is a Malayalam movie directed by Boban Samuel, starring Kunchako Boban and Biju Menon. The story is quite predictable, but one can clearly see the amount of effort put in by Boban Samuel. His effort has made the movie really light hearted and incredibly fun to endure, especially when one is watching the movie with friends and family.

Romans is a story about two thieves-portrayed by Biju Menon and Kunchako Boban. These two thieves manage to escape from police custody and go to the Tamil Nadu- Kerala Border. Due to some misunderstanding, the village people end up thinking that these are the priests that have come to reopen their church. More misunderstandings follow and one gets a roller coaster ride of hilarity- thanks to the good acting delivered by the actors.

The movie has been influenced by “We’re No Angels”, a Hollywood movie. The movie might not have much in the form of a script, but the director and the two actors have done a spectacular job in their roles. Boban Samuel knows how to differentiate this movie from the standard comedy flicks that come out every single year. Though the story seems to be lacking, the movie does not seem to go on for longer than it should. It is actually quite fast paced and the number of jokes and other comedic elements in the movie make the time fly faster. It is a film that gathers pace as it progresses- since the second half is not just faster than the first part, but also incredibly funny. What is surprising is the fact that the movie combines comedy with suspense- something not a lot of story tellers or directors manage to achieve.

Verdict :Average Movie ,But it is entertaining and perfect for an evening out.

Rating : 2.75/5

Alex Pandian tamil movie review

The last movie of Karthi was Saguni and it did not quite manage to impress the audience. Recent movie of the actor is Alex Pandian, where he has teamed up with director Suraj, to bring out a complete masala commercial movie. Director suraj is widely known for his spicy and hot movies and he has directed a number of hit films in his career till date. The director has been recently interviewed where he has revealed that the new movie, Alex Pandian will be a huge surprise for the audience this upcoming pongal. The story has action and comedy fused in a great way to bring out a perfectly hot drama film. The posters and the trailer of the film had brought in a large amount of murmurs from the audience. The film had appeared as one for the regular masses. However, it had generated a bit of appreciation and change in factors due to the presence of great amount of action scenes in it. However, the question is, after watching the film, have the audience felt their expectations to be satisfied?

The story of the film goes on like this. The beginning of the film has a brilliant train sequence, of which the industry has been talking about very lately. A group of baddies try to get hold of Anushka Shetty, the lead actress of the movie, and the hero, Karthi comes to her rescue. He beats the thugs up and drives them away. The 10 minutes of beginning of the movie is quite a thrilling thing to watch. The action sequences have brilliantly camera work. However, despite the great effort, on certain places the audience would well make out, that certain portions have been shot on a still train. After the sequence is over, we are introduced with the family of Santhanam, who is the comedian in the movie. The family has his mother and three sisters who are younger than him. Alex Pandian, in spite of getting great obstacle from Santhanam, takes the decision of settling at his house.

The hero is thenseen to flirt with all the three sisters who are Nikita Thukral, Akansha Puri and Sanusha. The first half of the movie consists of great comedy and some fighting scenes. The second half goes on to reveal the real identity of Anushka and Karthi. Anushka is the daughter of CM. Alex kidnaps her on Alvin Martin’s orders. The baddies do this to force the CM to sign a deal with them. As he refuses, Karthi is hired to abduct Anushka. The last half of the movie should better be watched.

Although the first half manages to generate some amount of entertainment through the comedy and the action sequences, the second half does not boost the spirit of the audience. The director has dragged the story very much and it seems to go on forever. The ending is quite predictable, which is enough to shatter the audience’s expectations.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: Average movie

Vijay and mohanlal together in Jilla Tamil movie

The fans of Mohanlal as well as Vijay would be excited to hear the news that the two might be seen in one movie together. It is a dream come true for them, as both the actors have a great talent and their acting has been very popular in the entire Tollywood industry. The rumor about the two acting in a single film started about a month ago from the speculations that was done by grapevine. However, as the days passed the news just got stronger. Now, the entire south would be waiting to hear the confirmation that the Malayalam mega star Mohanlal and the super star of Tamil films Ilayadalapathy Vijay would be seen on the screens together.

The movie where these two would be seen has been titled as Jilla, the debutant director Nadeeshan is going to be directing the two fabulous stars together for the first time. Moreover, there has also been a buzz about the famous Thuppakki actress Kajal Agarawal to be seen alongside Vijay in this particular movie. Their work together in Thuppakki had created quite a stir among the audience, and hence they would be surely anticipating the same amount of chemistry, perhaps more in this particular movie. Their acting set the screens on fire as the movie has managed to make Rs. 100 crore recently, and still going well in the South.

The new movie, Jilla is going to be produced under the Banner of Super Goods films owned by R.B. Chaudhary. The shooting for the movie is going to start sometime in April or May this year.

Both the leading actors had a very good 2012 with a large number of hits back to back. This will will Mohanlal acting in movies like Lokpal, Ladies and Gentlemen, Red Wine, Lucifer etc. Actor Vijay will also be doing movies like Thangamagan and onbadhula Guru.