Alex Pandian tamil movie review

The last movie of Karthi was Saguni and it did not quite manage to impress the audience. Recent movie of the actor is Alex Pandian, where he has teamed up with director Suraj, to bring out a complete masala commercial movie. Director suraj is widely known for his spicy and hot movies and he has directed a number of hit films in his career till date. The director has been recently interviewed where he has revealed that the new movie, Alex Pandian will be a huge surprise for the audience this upcoming pongal. The story has action and comedy fused in a great way to bring out a perfectly hot drama film. The posters and the trailer of the film had brought in a large amount of murmurs from the audience. The film had appeared as one for the regular masses. However, it had generated a bit of appreciation and change in factors due to the presence of great amount of action scenes in it. However, the question is, after watching the film, have the audience felt their expectations to be satisfied?

The story of the film goes on like this. The beginning of the film has a brilliant train sequence, of which the industry has been talking about very lately. A group of baddies try to get hold of Anushka Shetty, the lead actress of the movie, and the hero, Karthi comes to her rescue. He beats the thugs up and drives them away. The 10 minutes of beginning of the movie is quite a thrilling thing to watch. The action sequences have brilliantly camera work. However, despite the great effort, on certain places the audience would well make out, that certain portions have been shot on a still train. After the sequence is over, we are introduced with the family of Santhanam, who is the comedian in the movie. The family has his mother and three sisters who are younger than him. Alex Pandian, in spite of getting great obstacle from Santhanam, takes the decision of settling at his house.

The hero is thenseen to flirt with all the three sisters who are Nikita Thukral, Akansha Puri and Sanusha. The first half of the movie consists of great comedy and some fighting scenes. The second half goes on to reveal the real identity of Anushka and Karthi. Anushka is the daughter of CM. Alex kidnaps her on Alvin Martin’s orders. The baddies do this to force the CM to sign a deal with them. As he refuses, Karthi is hired to abduct Anushka. The last half of the movie should better be watched.

Although the first half manages to generate some amount of entertainment through the comedy and the action sequences, the second half does not boost the spirit of the audience. The director has dragged the story very much and it seems to go on forever. The ending is quite predictable, which is enough to shatter the audience’s expectations.

Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: Average movie

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