Lokpal Malayalam Movie Review

Cast And Crew

Directed by: Joshiy

Produced by: Ruby Vijayan, S. L. Vimal Kumar

Written by: S. N. Swamy

Starring: Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan, Meera Nandan, Manoj K. Jayan, Thambi Ramaiah, Thalaivasal Vijay

Music by: Ratheesh Vegha

Cinematography: Pradeep Nair

Editing by: Syam Sasidharan

Studio: Happy & Ruby Cinemas

Distributed by: Aashirvad Release through Maaxlab.

After the record breaking hit “Run Baby Run “ Joshy –Mohanlal teams new venture Lokpal hits the silver screen today across kerala.The Movie tells the story of Nandagopal(Mohanlal) a chef who want to eliminate corruption from the society. In order to eradicate the deadly evil of corruption he starts a new website to receive complaints and the movie continues with Nandan’s fight against this anti social element.

Theaters welcomed the movie with a great rush of audience including the fans of Mohanlal.The huge success of Run Baby Run also played a part in creating such a crowd in theaters but every one who came to watch the first show of the movie got disappointed after the movie because it simply drained the image the Run Baby Run team have created.The movie can be categorized as a below average movie which is quiet disappointing . The director of the movie failed to make the audience satisfied with such a lagging script .The movie is not packed with any humerous situations and seemed to be an opposite of the joshys former release.Eventhough the movie has a large set of front caste of Malayalam industry like Manoj k Jayan,Meera nandhan,Kavya madhavan,Saikumar, shammi tilakan etc..the script doesn’t given them the opportunity to keep their level of acting.


Mohanlal – Played his character very well like in other movies and his looks in different getups was really amazing.

Joshy – tried very well to make this dragging script beautiful and failed but a question of why he had choosen such a script still remains.

Shammi Thilakan – Presented his character very nicely

Sai Kumar – He also did his role very well

Meera Nandhan:Showcased an average performance

Kavya: Just an average Perfomance

Back Ground scores really rocked the theaters.

Camera work also semmed to be well


Script: The script of the movie failed to entertain the audience.The main dilemma behind the failure of the movie is the lagging script .
Lack of Humor: The lack of humor content inside the story really bored the audience.

Climax:  The movie showcased an average predictable climax.


2/5,  Below Average, no recommendations for watch

Running time:140 minutes

Budget: 6 crores

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