Viswaroopam tamil movie review

Viswaroopam sees the great comeback of South Indian actor Kamal Haasan, who brings to the audience a very sensitive issue that has been inflicting upon the society for several years. Although the director turned actor had to face a lot of difficulties in his path while filming it, he has ultimately done it well. The movie sees Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Anreah Jeremiah among the leading star cast apart from Kamal Haasan. Produced by Chandra and Kamal Haasan, the film sees some awesome tracks composed by Shankar Ehasaan and Loy. It released on 25th January and saw its world premiere at Los Angeles, where the entire Viswaroopam team had been present for the first screening.

The story of Viswaroopam has touched upon a very sensitive theme. The story has been set in America, where a nuclear Oncologist Nirupama, (played by Pooja Kumar) sees a psychiatrist about her tough relationship with her husband, named Viswanath (played by Kamal Haasan). Her husband is by profession a Kathak dancer. She got married to him in order to come to USA and gear up her career. Meanwhile, after coming to USA she starts developing soft feelings for her boss. Now Omar, (played by Rahul Bose) comes into play and he is a terrorist. He has a plan to be inflicted upon USA and wants it to be successful whatsoever. The climax of the story is when the paths of Nirupama, Omar and Vishwanath cross over and in comes a host of shocking and surprising discoveries. To know the end, one has to visit the theaters to watch it.

This is the first movie so far where Kamal Haasan does not a share the majority of the screen space. He has provided ample amount of space to the other actors to bring out their talent. This small trick by the actor impressed the audience as they felt a breath of fresh air. The performance of Pooja kumar is worth mentioning. Her confidence on screen along with very good acting takes the show away. It is hard for the audience to miss her appealing nature on the screen. She might not be as glamorous as the popular actresses of today are, but however shows a very strong role and great performance in all types of modern roles. Andrea meanwhile does not have much of a screen space; however the delight of the audiences is that they get to see her and Kamal together for quite of few good scenes. It is needless to say that whatever scenes she did, it was commendable. Her towering personality sometimes dominated Kamal’s acting skills. Rahul Bose was, is and will be one of the most consistent performers ever on the screen. His role in the negative form catches most of the audience with the smoothness and flexibility like always. He did not for once overdo his role and this created a great balance on the screen. other people whose performances are worth mentioning are Shekhar Kapur and Jaideep Akhlawat.

Kamal has chosen a very strong and contradicting script for his huge project. He has touched upon one of the most sensitive topics that ail most of our contemporary society. Moreover he has attempted to portray about Jihadi that has not been attempted ever before. However, he does not show anything to instigate negative feelings about the community or for the mother land. The entire story has been extremely well-handles by Kamal. He has shown great mastery in his work, the entirety of it has been great.

Thus, all that can be said about Viswaroopam is that one must go to watch it for the appreciation of art and some great acting skills.

Rating :3/5

Verdict :Above average

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