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2013 March |
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Archive for March, 2013

Actress Sukumari passed away

Malayalam cine artist Padmasree Sukumari passed away at 5pm today. She was admitted at a private hospital in Chennai a week ago due serious burn that occured while she was lighteing the temple lamp. As per the medical bulletin the main reason behind her demise is cardiac arrest.

A few days ago Tamilnadu Cheif minister Jayalalitha visited her at the hospital and stated to the media that it was really a shock to see her dearest friend in such a situvation and also she requested the doctors at Global hospital at Chennai to give maximum care to her beloved friend and colleague.

Actress Sukumari is well known for her talent in acting. She started her career in the film industry with her debut “Orarivu”.She also showcased her talent in more than 2500 films . Her performance Orarivu had given tremendous opening in malayalam industry. In 2003 she was awarded with Padmasree by Government of India for her devotion in acting . She was also honored with many awards from different film industries .She acted with many super stars like Mohanlal, Mammootty , Vijay ,Dileep etc..

3 dots malayalam movie review

The movie 3 Dots has marked the 45th movie that was released in 2013 till date. The film has been given various striking features in order to make people notice it even before the release of the film. The team that made this film had previously made ‘Ordinary’ which did pretty well at the theaters. Hence the people were expecting yet another good movie to be watched. This film has been directed by Sugeeth and has Biju Menon, Kunchacko, Pratap K. Pothan, Narain, Reman, Anjana Menon and Janani Iyer in the lead roles. The story has been written by Rajesh Raghavan.

The story of the movie revolves around three different criminals who happen to meet when they were in jail. They generally become friends after this. The three criminals namely, Vishnu (played by Kunchacko), Louis (played by Biju Menon) and Padmakumar (played by Prathap Pothen) had a sullen life and found their lost happiness behind the jail bars by spending time with each other. After they were released each one of them decides to lead a normal life by forgetting the past events. Hence, they get into different jobs. As the movie progresses we are able to understand that the three people represent three phases of lives of a single person-the past, present and future, and cannot exist without one another.

In totality this movie has thrills that will keep the interest of the audience intact till the end. It is highly entertaining and shows a unique relationship between the three leads. The entry of Naren for the role of Dr. Issac keeps the pace and the humor of the movie alive till the end. We also see some excellent camera work by Faisal Ali and some good music by Vidyasagar. To add conclusion to this, 3 Dots is a movie that is watchable and thoroughly entertaining.

Verdict :Above average /Watchable

Rating :2.75/5

Red wine Malayalam Movie Review

The story of Red Wine revolves around two characters. One is Anoop (played by Fahad Fazil), who is a theatre artist by profession and the second one is Rameshan (played by Asif Ali) who is a sales executive of an automobile company. Anoop is a man whose hometown is Wayanad. He is a much disciplined individual and is committed to drams and other social issues. Ramesh on the other hand lives in Kozhikode and leads his own life peacefully without bothering anybody else. Although the lives of these two strangers do not match, there lies a connection between them that is unknown to both. The story takes a twist when an incident brings the investigation officer, Ratheesh Vasudevan (played by Mohanlal) to the screen. The story which follows this is full of thrills and suspense. These make the movie an interesting watch till the end. We also see Anoop’s classmates Navas (played by Saiju Kurup) and Sree Lekshmi, Navas’s wife (played by Anusree), in pivotal roles in the film.

Being the most anticipated Mollywood movie, the movie saw loads of audience in the theatres who went to watch their favorite actors play on the silver screen. at the start of the film, the theatres were packed as the people gathered to watch one of the most awaited films of the year. However, if one analyses the film critically, he will find that the new director has various areas to be worked upon and requires much more skill while he is directing a film. The story of the film is way too old. It revolves around the case of a murder. Now, the Malayali audience has been viewing such films for at least three decades. Hence, something fresh and new was naturally wanted. Although the take off was excellent, after some time it movie tumbled down the expectations that had been build. The suspense that the director had brought about in the first phase of the movie seemed to vanish in the second phase. The thrill of the movie that had been created initially seemed to end with no surprise at all.

The movie saw the display of brilliant talent by Fahad Fazil. With his excellent skill he brought life to the character of Anoop. He stole the show with his acting. His way of throwing dialogues, and the various actions that he showed on the screen made the audience grip their chairs with immense anticipation. The character of Remeshan, played by Asif could have been much better than what it was. Asif’s talents were not exposed as it should have. Needless to say, the best performance delivered in the movie was by Mohanlal. However, is limited on screen presence left the audience wanting for more. Many are of the view that if the movie contained less number of characters it could have been way better. For some time it seemed that the director was not able to handle the characters well.

On the technical part we see some excellent cinematography by Manoj Pillai and some brilliant art direction by Santhosh Raman. The music delivered by Bijibal was impressive but nothing out of the world. In a nutshell, Red Wine is a movie that could not match up to the expectation that the audience had set for it. It could have been more polished. However, it managed to make the audience leave the theaters smiling, although not for a long time.

Verdict: Above average

Rating: 3/5

Nayan to be casted in ‘Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal’

An upcoming movie of SR Prabhakaran is titled ‘Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal’. The director of the movie has revealed the fact that Kollywood’s hot favorite actress has become humble and jerked off all her glamour and stardom in order to portray the role of the girl next door character. This has been done by the popular actress Nayanthara, who is doing this brilliant role just as an exploration of the immense acting talent that she has inside her. This upcoming movie, which is also an Udhyanidhi starree, the glam girl is going to play the role of a woman named Pavithra, who is a working woman of middle class background and in the course of her life falls for a guy named Kathirvelan.

The entire story has Coimbatore in its backdrop. The shooting of the film is currently taking place in Chennai where the entire cast and crew members are. Once Chennai’s shoot is complete the crew will be moving to Coimbatore for further shooting. In this film, the actress will not show the glamorous side of her even during the song sequences.

Kamal hasan back in his house

Kamal Hasan has been extremely busy since the release of his latest film, Vishwaroopam. This has been by far the most ambitious as well as the hard working project of the super actor. It had seen him struggle long and very hard. A piece of good news is that, the film has already managed to achieve a title of the 100 crore club member. Not only in India, which saw immense amount of audience flocking to see the film but the movie has also minted a huge sum of money from the screens of the foreign countries.

In an event that took place before the release of the film, the actor had confided in public that he had already mortgaged his house to the money lender. However, due to immense success of his film, he has been able to repay the money to the lender, a mortgaged it to a bank that has made it possible to repay the entire sum in easy installments. As the film is doing extremely well, we are all hoping that the actor will soon pay off his debts and get back to his house.

In the meantime, works for the sequel of the film Vishwaroopam has started and has been estimated to have a budget of 55 crore.