Kamal hasan back in his house

Kamal Hasan has been extremely busy since the release of his latest film, Vishwaroopam. This has been by far the most ambitious as well as the hard working project of the super actor. It had seen him struggle long and very hard. A piece of good news is that, the film has already managed to achieve a title of the 100 crore club member. Not only in India, which saw immense amount of audience flocking to see the film but the movie has also minted a huge sum of money from the screens of the foreign countries.

In an event that took place before the release of the film, the actor had confided in public that he had already mortgaged his house to the money lender. However, due to immense success of his film, he has been able to repay the money to the lender, a mortgaged it to a bank that has made it possible to repay the entire sum in easy installments. As the film is doing extremely well, we are all hoping that the actor will soon pay off his debts and get back to his house.

In the meantime, works for the sequel of the film Vishwaroopam has started and has been estimated to have a budget of 55 crore.

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