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2013 April |
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Ladies and Gentleman malayalam movie review

The most awaited movie of the year “Ladies and Gentleman” released today. The movie is directed by the Hitmaker Siddique casting Mohanlal as the Hero .The Heroines of the movie are Meera jasmine ,who rejoins the industry after a long break,Mamtha Mohandas,Mithra kurien and Padmapriya.This movie was considered so special because it’s after a two decade break Mohanlal and Siddique are rejoining.

Ladies and gentle man is a movie that tells the story of a middle aged young man Chandra bose who decided to enjoy his life in the way it goes,he is also a drunkard .The main threads of the movie deals with how this person influences the life of four ladies.The initial part of the movie deals with some humorous situations and there by enters in to the main thread. Till the end of first half the movie seemed to be interesting and suddenly by the end of first half of the movie the audience can easily predict the next lead and there by drains the energy level of the audience.The second part includes some simple situations that have been created to make a happy ending climax.

After watching the movie the audience will understand the truth that the script is simply made only for showing a lal effect and actually the script and other characters are driven by the same .When we match the movie with our expectation before the watch , it’s a totally disappointing movie from the side of such a big team “Mohanlal & Siddique”.The movie will be interesting if you are that much addicted to Mohanlal.


Performance of Mohanlal as Chandra boss

Performance of Meera Jasmin was ok

Other actors simply performed their role well, even though they were not having much importance.

Direction of siddique ,especially the way he had done the work was good .

First Half


The movie was full of Lal effect ,it seemed to be the other characters doesn’t have much importance in the movie.

Script of the movie

Second half and climax

Verdict : Disappointing ,Recommended for one time watch

Rating :2.25/5