Honeybee malayalam movie review

Honey bee , The debut movie of Jean Paul lal (Lal JR) is on theaters with Asif ali and Bhavana doing the center characters. Lal is also doing a lead role in this venture of his son .The other castes of this movie are Baburaj,Sreenath Bhasi,Balu,Amitchakalackal, SureshKrishna, Hasim, Archan Kavi , Praveena etc…Honey bee is a mix of friendship and love which is set around the background of Fort kochi.
The movie starts with Asif ali (Sebastian) ,a choreographer for stage shows doing his work with his companions Bhavana(Angel) Baburaj(Fernando),Sreenath Bhasi(Abu),Balu(Ambro).During their work Asif ali hits one of the popular actor for disturbing Bhavana.Then the movie goes for the introduction of Lal (Michael) and his brothers Amith Chackalakal (Martin)Suresh Krishna (Father Cochin) Hasim ( Antony).Lal and his brothers is the most popular and dangerous business people of fort Kochi who doesn’t care or fear nothing .Bhavana is the only sister of these four brothers and they loves her a lot.There after Asif ali and Bhavana fall in love with each other,a day before Bhavana’s marriage with a sub inspector of that region.When Asif tells this to his friends while they are partying .His friends tells him that we can go to Lal’s home and pick Bhavana from there and at that night they secretly enters the house and takes Bhavana with them.There starts the real trip “Honey Bee” i.e the fight between Asif’s gang and Lal brothers.The rest part you can enjoy at the theaters near you.

Honey bee Review – It’s Tripping.
The story of the movie is not that interesting but the trendy comedies and stunts are the main highlights of the movie. The movie is discussing a cat and mouse game between the heroines family and the hero. There are several other Malayalam movies discussing the same theme and it’s not a new theme for Malayalam movie lovers but the way how the movie is taken is little bit different from other movies with the same theme especially because of the trendy comedies.
This movie can be considered as a good attempt by Lal jr but it doesn’t match with the expectations of the audience who rushed in to the theaters expecting a Lal magic.
Honey bee is a watchable movie but don’t expect much from the movie and it’s not that tripping
Asif ali: Did his role well.
Bhavana: As every other movie Bhavana performed her character very bold.
Baburaj: He is really becoming a trend setter now a days and performed his role excellently with thrilling dialogue delivery.
Sreenath Bhasi: Did his role excellently like Baburaj.
Balu:He really entertained the audience.
Archana Kavi: She performed a relatively small roll but did it nicely.
Lal: As in every other movies he once again entertained the audience with his character Michael ,a half shaded villain.


  • Trendy comedies and Stunts
  • Drawbacks
  • Old theme
  • Lagging second half
  • Lack of suspenses

Verdict :Old theme,Recommended for one time watch but doesn’t expect too much..

Rating :2.75/5

HONEY BEE: It’s Tripping.

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