Mohanlal to be seen in a new Avatar

Mohanlal has remained the heartthrob of Malayalam cinema for the last three decades. One of the reasons of his phenomenal success is probably the fact that he is always ready to experiment. Instead of finding and sticking to a comfortable niche, the actor has taken up one challenging role after another in his acting career. Now it seems he is reaching for new heights as he prepares to portray a Sikh village wrestler in his new film.

The actor had experimented with eight different looks in Joshy’s Lokpal. The film remains a glowing testament to his talent. One of his disguises was that of a sardar. However, in the new project, Mohanlal is going to play Sardar for the entire movie. He has teamed up with director V M Vinu for this project.

Vinu and Mohanlal has worked earlier in 2003 in Balettan, the actor played the role of a villager. In this film also, he plays a villager named Happy Singh. He is a wrestler. The movie is going to be fun filled entertainment as the script has been written by Deepu Karunakaran, who also wrote Crazy Gopalan and Teja Bhai & Family. The film will be shot in Punjab and Bangalore.

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