Arjun Lal to star in Asha Black

Anybody who has watched the Mohanlal starrer Thanmathra, is familiar with Arjun Lal though you may not realize it. Arjun played the role of the son of Mohanlal in this film by Blessy. Since that film, Arjun had concentrated on his higher studies. After completing his courses, the youngster opened his own business with friends in Bangalore.

Now, Arjun is back to the silver screen and planning his comeback with the Malayalam film titled Asha Black. The story of the film revolves round a central character called Asha. She thinks her father hates her because she is black and ugly. So, she starts to look elsewhere for affection. This leads her to a dangerous world. Then she turns up dead in suspicious circumstance. The investigation into her death forms the rest of the story.

In the film, Arjun plays the role of a young musician. He owns a band in Bangalore and is an energetic young man full of life. In addition to Arjun, other notable actors appearing in Asha Black are Sarath Kumar, Manoj K. Jayan and Joy Mathew. The pooja of the film was performed on July, 15th. The film will be directed by John Robinson.

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