Dr. Biju and Prithviraj are back with Painting life

Director Dr. Biju and lead actor Prithviraj has earlier presented hit films like Veettilekulla Vazhi and Aakashathinte Niram to the highly appreciative Malayalee audience. They have now teamed up for their third effort titled “Painting life”. The film is being produced by Sajiumar under the banner of Dharmik films.

The story of the film revolves round a five member film crew who gets trapped in a village during shooting of a film and how they try to return to their normal life. There is speculation that Priyamani will appear in the lead role, playing a woman from the village who meets and befriends Prithviraj, though it has not yet been finalized. Priyamani had earlier paired up with Prithviraj in films like Satyam, Thirakatha and Puthiya Mukham. In addition, Anumol, who is getting more and more serious parts, will also appear in an important role in the film.

The movie was originally titled Yathrakalude Dooraam but was later renamed as Painting life. Most of the movie will be shot in the village of Chitkul, known as the last inhabited village of India. In addition, portions will also be shot in Kulu, Manali and Ladakh. The shooting will start as soon as the lead actors can make time.

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