Mammootty in ‘Balyakalasakhi’ as Majeed

Vaikkom Mohammad Basheer remains one of the most popular Malayalam writers. His writings have always been distinguished by the common man touch where deep philosophical concepts have been presented beautifully in simple down to earth language. Today, even after 19 years of his passing, the writings of Basheer remain popular in Malayalam. Adoor Gopalakrishnan had done magic with one of the best works of Basheer. In his film Mathilukal, Mammootty had appeared in the lead role and had won award after award. In fact, he even won national recognition for it.

Now, another story of Basheer is going to be made into a film and Mammoootty is once again going to appear in the lead role. This is definitely a movie worth waiting for. Balayakalasakhi is the chosen film. It is a period movie, set in Kerala between the years 1918 and 1946. The lead characters in the story are Majid and Suraha whose love story still resonates with the common Malayali people. A period village reflecting the conditions of pre independence Kerala is being created outside Kochi for the shooting of the film. Extensive research has gone into crating the celluloid version of this ever popular love story. Shooting will start in August

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