Memories malayalam movie review

If you are a fan of Prithviraj or love the thriller genre of films, Memories is one movie that you do not want to miss. Superb acting and extremely gripping storyline with a resounding climax has made this film a must watch.

The story revolves round a police officer named Sam Alex played by Prithviraj. He is a brilliant officer and a loving family man who lived with his wife (played by Meghna Rai) and daughter. But both are killed by a terror group and Sam gradually descends into alcoholism. He becomes a laughingstock of the department.

At this time, a serial killer makes his appearance and the investigation is given to officer Vinod Krishna (played by Suresh Krishna). However, the IG unofficially involves Sam in spite of negative reports and reactions from higher level of the department. In spite of himself, Saqm becomes involved in the case as he manages to unearth shocking clues from the victims. The climax is unexpected and the second half of the film is truly brilliant.

In recent years, Prithviraj is excelling in the role of problem ridden police officer. In fact, there are distinct similarities with his work in Grandmaster and in this film also, he has surpassed himself. The very engaging acting coupled with the parallelism between the killings and the events in the life of Sam Alex have created nail biting suspense in the second half of the movie. Other characters have done well, but they lacked scope beside the all consuming role of Prithviraj.

The film is well named as it shows a man trying to ran away from his memories but circumstances force him to confront them again and again till he realizes that he cannot run from himself and it leads to a self discovery. The two haunting scores by Thirayum Theeravum and Sejo John have added to the richness of the film.

Verdict : Above average

Rating : 3/5

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