Solar scam to be investigated by Suresh Gopi on the silver screen

The Solar scam has become a matter of much debate and discussion and the film world has not been backward in capturing this on reel. According to recent reports, work has already started on the film and a lot of the cast and crew has been decided.

Suresh Gopi will be appearing as Additional DGP Hemachandran who heads the teram of Special investigation into the solar scam. The audience loves Suresh Gopi portraying competent and honorable police officers on the screen. Starting from his commissioner, audience loves to see him in this type of roles. It is expected that he will deliver his customary fine performance in this film also. The audience is now waiting with building expectations about the actors who will play the part of Saritha, Biju Ramakrishnan and Shalu Menon. With so much hype around the film, the cast selection is going to need extra care.

The script of the film is being worked upon by Ranji Panicker. The powerful pen of this scriptwriter has created many of the legendary police persona on screen. A combination of Panicker and Suresh Gopi will surely be worth the watch.

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