Thalaiva tamil movie review

Director AL Vijay is back with his latest project Thalaiva. The movie is crisp and action packed. The story revolves round Vijay whose father Ramu (played by Satya Raj) is the Anna of Mumbai. In fact. The film begins with Satya Raj’s character being introduced in Mumbai. His son, Vijay is being brought up in Australia. The first half of the film deals with the life of Vijay in Australia. A colorful performance is rendered by some breathtaking dance moves by Amala Paul in this half. Witty one liners delivered by Sanathanam are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Finally, the first half ends with a circumstantial twist which forces Vijay to return to India.

The second half is more compact with lots of action and stunts. It deals with how Vijay is forced to step into the too big shoes of his father. Stunts are awesome though the climax is predictable. The film is fast paced, but if the length could have been cut by half an hour, it would have been better. The second heroin who appears only for a small time has added to the richness of the film.

Vijay has definitely excelled in Thalaiva though it is not the racy entertainer that we have come to expect from him. Amala Paul has come into her own in the film while the role of Sathya Ray has been powerful. Sanathanam has managed to deliver humor effortlessly while the other supporting cast has also done justice to their roles. Masterful work has been done by the camera by Nirav Shah. The music is not one of the high points of the film.

Rating : 3/5
Verdict :Above average ,Thalaiva is full of substance but it is definitely slow and is in danger of losing its audience half way because of the languorous pace.

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