Pottas bomb malayalam movie review

Pottas bomb, the debut venture of director Suresh Achoos touched the silver screen this week. The movie is a mystery thriller centered up on a juvenile home and intimates living there. The movie is released in the banner of People cinemas casting the leading actors like Tini tom, Indhrans, Lena and it also presented the Malayalam industry with a couple of youngsters like Achu arunkumar,Rohith menon,Anu sithara,Vishnu,Rajeev rajan etc.

Story plot
The movie reveals the story of four youngsters residing at a Juvenile home and the happenings in their life. The movie leads when these youngsters starts dreaming about a life outside the juvenile home. In order to cherish the same these boys joins the gang of “Raju” a criminal who is a stuff dealer .As the movie leads one among these four boys fall in love with the sister of Raju. The movie enters in to a charging plot when Raju notices this affair and as a reaction to the same the four boys will get adjourned from Raju’s group and join their hands with another gangster (Indharans). The mystery part of the movie starts when they fall in to the trap of murder and the chase behind the culprits by them makes the movie interesting .To know more about the plot you can visit the theaters near you.
Run time
The total run time of the movie is one hour forty five minutes in which the first half is of one hour followed by the forty five minute second half.
The movie comes under the category of a watchable movie because it addresses certain issues that are happening around us. The story plot of the movie is interesting especially the way the story is narrated but the only negativity of the movie is that the sudden ending after the interval.
Music by mohan sithara
Acting of tinitom as a police officer attracted the crowd very well
Acting of the young talents: Achu arunkumar
New look of Indhrans

Second half  & Sudden ending of the movie

Rating :2.5/5

Acting of the young talents: Achu arunkumar, Rohith menon,Anu sithara,Vishnu,Rajeev rajan
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