Aarambam tamil movie review

The most awaited movie of Ajith “Aarambham” hit the silver screen today. This is the second time director Vishnu vardhan and Ajith are joining their hands after the huge success of the movie Billa in 2007 .Aarambham is a mass entertainer which highlights certain scam deals that happens across the country. The lead roles in the movie are played by Ajith as Ashok, Arya as Arjun,Nayanthara as Maya ,Tapasee as Anita.
Story plot
The movie starts with a huge bomb blast in Mumbai city and there by the super duper introduction of Ajith .After the introductory song of Ajith the movie turns in to a comical plot where Arya, Tapasee and Nayanthara were introduced.This scene is like Arya meeting his college mate Nayanthara at the airport and while they are in a chat Arya shares with her his love story and there after happens a kidnap sequence where Nayanthara and Arya will get kidnapped by some criminals these sequences leads the most entertaining first half. The first half of the movie showcases Ajith as a negative character i.e. he is playing the role of gangster who doesn’t cares for anything.

About the second half, the movie moves in to a flash back part ,which tells the real story of Ajith i.e. who was he? How he became a gangster? For what he is doing all this crimes? etc..After a sentimental flashback the movie gear up to become an action thriller mixed with mass dialogues, thrilling action sequences and unexpected twists.The later part of the movie can be enjoyed at the theaters near you.

  • Ajith’s multi appearance as a ATS officer and as a Gangster.
  • Arya’s multi appearance as a Fat boy and slim one really entertained the viewers very well.
  • Nayanthara excellently done her part as the heroine of Ajith.
  • Tapasee showcased an average performance.
  • The movie had also introduced many new faces to the industry.
  • Extra ordinary direction from Vishnu Vardhan
  • Super cinematography.
  • Thrilling second half


  • Short term lags during first half
  • There is nothing new in the script even though they had tried to involve some thing new.

An above average entertainer for which you can spend two and a half hour time with your friends and family in this festival season.

Rating : 3.25/5

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