Khilafat Malayalam Movie directed by Gifrey Jaleel

Here comes the new movie in the Malayalam film industry which is based on the historical story of Kerala. The movie will be based on old novel Vilaapam by P Valsala. This has deep connection to the people of Kerala and their period of time. The movie has just finished the scripting part and will soon be going on floors. The cast and crew of the movie are already decided. So start going back to your history and enjoy the rich heritage of Kerala and its people’s.

The movie is titled as Khilafat and has Gifrey Jaleel as the director. The movie features Manoj K Jayan and Bhama in lead roles. The movie is based on Babri masjid demolition and the movement after that. It was named the Khilafat movement and so the name of the movie is given the same title. There was a massive movement all over the country and according to the director the movie will revolve around two characters. He also adds the characters in the movie are very important and each one of them plays a strong character. So let’s hope the movie goes well and soon ready for release. Such historical movies are rarely seen in today’s time.

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