Archana Kavi as a doctor in ‘To Noora with Love’

Archana Kavi will make her next screen appearances as a doctor and the name of the movie is ‘To Noora with Love’ which is slated for this year release. However there are other roles and characters that are played n the movie and it has come into notice that Mamta Mohandas does the main role in the movie. Archana Kavi plays the character of a close friend and her friend is Mamta Mohandas in the movie named Noorjahan. The lead hero in the movie is Krish Sathar and the director for this project is Babu Narayanan. All the characters are quite important and nothing much is revealed regarding the story and script of the movie.

However the story and script of the movie is given by C H Muhammed Vadakara and G S Anil. There are many others small but pivotal roles that are played by Suraj, Mamukkoya, Kaniha and Vineeth. The music for the movie is given by Mohan Sitara. Other cast and crew members are also decided. It is almost ready and will get released around end of the year. The movie is being produced under Donbros International banner. Let’s hope the movie comes out good and gets good reviews as well.

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