7th Day malayalam movie review

Malayalam cinema has seen some great thrillers like Memories and Mumbai police. Therefore delivering a successful thriller is never an easy task. It even becomes trickier when the cast has only one prominent star and the director is a debutante. This is the case with 7th Day, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and directed by Syamdhar. It came out on 12th April to avoid clashing with Mamotty starrer Gangster. Will it able to keep the audiences guessing and glued to their seats??


Prithiviraj the only notable star in the film plays  the central character, David Abraham. The rest of the cast is made up of relatively new-comers- Janani Iyer as Jessie, the female lead  Anu Mohan as Vinu, Praveen Prem as Cycle,  Tovino Thomas as Eby andVinay Forrt  as Shan and T.G Ravi. Kollywood actor Yog Japee  is playing villain in this movie.


Due to the nature of the film, the plot should not be revealed too much and the anticipation should be kept intact. David Abraham a 42 year old Crime Branch officer of the Kerala Police Department is suspended for reasons unknown at the start of the movie. On one Saturday evening he witnesses an incidence that intrigues him. He decides to pursue the matter and comes across six youngsters. He begins investigating the case which is yet to be registered in crime records.  The events take place between 7 days starting from Christmas and ending in the New Year. The reason for his suspension is also revealed in the course of the film. Watch the movie to see the climax and get the answers.


From technical aspects the movie really reaches a high level. Sujith Vassudev, the Director of Photography deserves praise for his work. Colors are used very effectively. The light effects are also good and the camera angles capture our attention. The background music by Deepak Dev adds a great deal to the movie. Known mainly for his commercial work, Dev here delivers international standard theme oriented music that perfectly suits with the mysterious, suspenseful nature of the film.  Kudos to the debuting director  Syamdhar for choosing a subject which is quite easy to mess up. He has pulled off an impressive feat. Also the producer Shibu G Suseelan should be given credit for supporting such a unique project. Writer Akhil Paul has done brilliantly to present the audience with an interesting story. The movie builds up nicely step by step to end in a tremendous climax.

The acting is a revelation. At the center of the action is Prithiviraj with his specs, handlebar mustache and salt and pepper hair. This is undoubtedly one his finest performances. His controlled performance brings to life a complex and layered character. He steals almost every frame he is in. With this performance his career graph is sure to upward to a great extent.  The relatively young supporting cast does a great job. Without their support the film would not have been as good as it is.


Perhaps the only negative point of the film is its pace which is slow. The audience needs to watch this movie with patience. The first half moves slowly to build up the plot though the pace improves in the second half.


Often movies with great pre release hype fail to live up to the expectations after the release. Luckily that seems not to be the case with 7th Day. It has managed to do justice to the buzz surrounding it. Movie lovers in general should not miss this movie. Being one of the most interesting and innovative thrillers in recent time, this one is a must watch.

Rating : 3.75/5 ,Entertaing Suspense Thriller

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