Gangster malayalam movie review

Gangster is one of the most anticipated Malayalam movies in recent times. There are hardly any notable gangster movies in Malayalam. As a result,  directed by Aashiq Abu who is known for his attempts to present something different for the audience and starring veteran star Mammootty, this movie looked to be a very promising project.  It hit the theaters on 11th of April, 2014. Now the big question is, was it able to live to the expectation and hype?? We will find out now.


The cast compromises of -

  • Mammotty ( Akbar Ali)
  • Sekhar Menon( Anto)
  • Nyla Usha (Sana Ibrahim)
  • Aparna Gopinath (Lilly)
  • T. G. Ravi( Hajikka)
  • John Paul (Uncle Sam)


Akbar Ali Khan, son of a Mumbai don shifts to Mangalapuram (the city of Mangalore) after the death of his father and sets up his own empire. He eliminates his main rival Raghavendra Gowda. The other two prominent heads of the Uncle Sam and Mani Menon decide not to confront him and begin to peacefully co-exist. But the peace is short lived thanks to Anto, Uncle Sam’s godson. The ruthless Anto who is a drug addict and sex maniac has come up with new plan. He wants to import used medicine and sell it at a high price. But Akbar is against drugs by principle. So a conflict ensues. Anto plans to kill Akbar. Akbar is saved by Haji, his father’s aide but he loses his wife Sana. A devastated Akbar goes for pilgrimage to heal his mental scars but only revenge can calm him down. The rest of the movie follows him in his quest for vengeance.


Visually the film looks stylish. The animated sequence in the beginning is very impressive. Cinematographer Alby has done a great job here. The film was shot in places like Mangalore, Goa, Rajasthan and cover locations like ships, ports, mines with the locations being captured suitably to create the proper ambience. The music sometimes emotional and sometimes dark is scored by Deepak Dev and he does a commendable job of reflecting the various moods in the film. The only song of the film is very likeable.  The action and stunt sequences are of a very good standard.

Another strong point of the movie is the acting. The central character needed someone with star power and Mammotty brings exactly that to the table. His brooding looks and performance in some key scenes is sure to get the audience going. Sekhar Menon does a brilliant job as the main villain. The supporting cast also shines. Both Nyla as the wife and Aparna as the villain’s flame look good in their roles. John Paul, Kunchan and T.G Ravi do justice to their roles. The acting surely is one the backbones of the movie.


The script is where the movie takes some beating. The character of Akbar could have been better written. Many sequences could have been better handled. It is true that revenge is the central theme of the movie but even that needs a proper treatment. Some of the audience can also get a bit uneasy with the bloodshed and violence.

Final Verdict

The director has taken up a good initiative by picking a subject which is not very common in Malayalam cinema. It may not be as good as his debut Salt N Pepper but nonetheless he has done a decent job with  the movie Gangster. Though there is much better gangster films in Indian cinema, Gangster will be good watch for fans of Mammotty and action movie lovers.

Rating- 2.5/5

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