Nikitha Thukral to appear in the film ‘Namasthe Madam’

Ravi Garani’s film ‘Namasthe Madam’ which has Srinagar Kitty in the lead has made news again. Last time the film made news for the reported difference of opinion between the female lead Nikisha Patel and the film’s producers. Industry sources reported that Nikitha Thukral will be a part of the film along with the two other glamour girls Ragini Dwivedi and Nikisha.

However, reports have now emerged that Nikitha will not be among the female leads and her appearance will only be a guest role during the film’s first half. The details of her involvement have been kept secret by the film’s production crew. The director however confirmed the news that she will be a part of the film. But he refused to reveal any more details about her role in the film. As per sources, Nikitha’s portion has been filmed already. Her portion of the film was shot exclusively in the city of Bangalore. The film ‘Namasthe Madam’ is the official remake of the Telugu hit film ‘Missamma’. Srinagar Kitty is the male lead and Ragini Dwivedi will be playing his boss. Nikisha Patel on the other hand will play Kitty’s wife. The film has already grabbed attention for the reported intimate scenes between Ragini Dwivedi and Srinagar kitty.

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