Mia George to work with Suresh Gopi in ‘My God’

Mia George (real name Gimi George) has established herself as one of the young actresses to watch out for in the Malayalam industry. She also entered the Tamil industry with the 2014 film, ‘Amara Kaaviyam’. According to industry insiders, the actress is looking for diverse roles that will allow her to showcase her talent properly. Now in a positive development for the 22 year old actress, she has been roped in to act opposite industry stalwart Suresh Gopi. The actress will be playing the role of a psychologist in the upcoming film ‘My God’. The film will be directed by M. Mohanan.

The director known for the realistic themes of his films has revealed some information about the project. Suresh Gopi will be playing the role of, Adhiraja Bhattathiri CEO of a big IT firm. On the other hand, Mia will be playing an activist who works with children related issues. The director claimed that though the film will be carrying a strong message, it is not at all preachy. The plot will revolve around a 15 year old boy whose father is a very rich man. The boy has a very stressful life due to expectations and this leads to the events of the film.

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